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  1. The whole reason for my two threads has been alleviated Thanks
  2. I will, but I don’t know if its legal to screw the 18” carbine barrel onto say a target pistol frame with conversion cyl?
  3. So I see the carbine frame is a carbine frame, no backstrap change possible. Barrels swapped?
  4. I don’t think there are any ATF laws on these type of guns designation of pistol/rifle is there? My ultimate goal would be to take the 1858 carbine and put a pistol grip on it, do the backstraps change out? Not for CAS but would like an 18” 1858 pistol with conversion cyl
  5. Do y’all think this Traditions 12” Brass framed Bison model will accept and hold up with a conversion cylinder? https://www.traditionsfirearms.com/product/1858-bison-revolver-.44-cal Do y’all know of one that will with a similar length barrel? I think its made by Pietta
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