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Testing New Powder in .32 H&R: IMPRESSED

Widder, SASS #59054

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If so, and just wondering,that in older reloading books where both W231 & HP38 are used for same bullet, same reloading book, same caliber, there was a difference in velocity & pressure? Any thoughts?


If course, in newer books, the velocity & pressure for both w231 & HP38 are listed the same.

Thoughts-Sure, different guns.

You'll see the same deal for WW296 and H-110....... ;)

Also there will be some variance from lot to lot in powder.


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I see a lot of different powder suggestions for the .32 HR Mag. But there is one that has not been mentioned that I have found to be a very good and that is Trail Boss belive it or not!!


It fills the case up real good and behind a .96 grn bullet runs real nice..


I am very interested in this clean shot as TB can be hard to find at times!


Spades H.

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We used to use TB in 45 cowboy special but found it to be very temp sensative in cold weather. Didnt meter well either. Ymmv. Hope Bootsie is doing better. See you guys in the spring.


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Does anybody know where to find clean shot load data for .45colt?


I checked the manufacturers website and they don't show any data for large capacity pistol caliber cases like the .45 COLT.


My 'guess' because it is a relatively fast burning powder, its not suited for large pistol cases.


It does show info for the .45 Auto and it also list .45 Auto info on their powder bottles.




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The president/founder of Shooters World, SC will be at the SE Regional on Thursday and Friday. He is excited about meeting all the Cowboys!

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I can echo what Widder is saying about "Clean Shot" powder by Shooters World.

I've, very recently tested this powder in 38spl, 45ACP and 12ga cowboy loads.

It's a nice powder. Clean burning in the cartridges (shot gun was not as clean, but not bad for a 950fps cowboy load). Wasn't temp sensitive. Meters perfect every time.

I'm confident it would be great in 40S&W and 9mm Luger.

If I didn't have six cases of TiteGroup I'd shoot it.

It's good stuff you should give it a try!



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Here's my take ... Lovex aka Clean Shot will not become popular until more US distributors start importing the grades Lovex makes. Then if the distributors had their smart socks on - get in touch with Explosia a.s. for loading data including bullet weights for caliber popular in the US.


In the meantime, as a work around for the scarcity of several Hodgdon-Accurate and Alliant powders ... ETR7 from Expansion Industries ... http://expansion-industries.com/reloading/powder/pistol-powder.html

The pistol - shotgun powder is Spanish CSB-1 ... published loading data is comparable to Titegroup and there are many Cast Boolits threads with tested loading data for other calibers


Having bought two 4 lb jugs of ETR7 - worked up loading data over the chronograph for 45 Colts (revolver-20 & 24" rifles) and 44-40 loads comparing ETR7 to Unique and Titegroup for a Ballard cast iron action, vintage 1887


Conclusion: ETR7 is an all round excellent powder and hope that it's availability sends a message to Hodgdon and the other US distributors that there are very good international powders!



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