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  1. Hello Widder, Taz has done quite a bit of stuff for me that is always great! Also he is the one that did the first Jedi plaque for me with the buckle inlaid in the plaque, he has the program in his system and has done a few now as they where a big hit the minute everyone saw it..
  2. Have handled and shot real Colts that have had nice action work done on them, they have that "thing" that only they seem to have. That said, I have and still do shoot a set of USFAs that came from Long Hunter back in the day and they have that "thing" also, they are to me as good as it gets!! However, Colt is Colt the name carries a lot of weight in the gun world especially in retained value and collect ability, however the USFAs seem to be hanging right with the newer Colts in this area also... Spades H. There I've been wanting to spend that 2 cents since Christmas!!!
  3. Your math is wrong! You are using the the weight of the bullet for your load weight, Google reload data for .38 spec. And you can get some better data.. Spades H. Posting loading data is not permitted here but I think I can safely say yer looking at better than 2k plus rounds out of that much powder depending + or - the type of powder used!
  4. Yep! Our boxer slept between mama and me ( Cali king bed ) and the cats up by our heads on the pillows!! By the way we don't need an alarm clock neither, cats bite and pull your hair and the big dummy would crawl up till he could lick yer face when it was time for breakfast, would'nt have it any other way, miss them when where away from home!! Spades H. Lost our boxer last spring heart breaking, but the cats are still there...
  5. Hey don't forget he's a real nice guy too.. Congratulations Dead Head! Spades H.
  6. Well now that it's started I will admit my wife has been after me for the last couple yrs now!! I don't know why but I have been dodging the issue for awhile now, I can hear pretty good if there are no other conversations going on within ear shot but any distraction and I have a tough time hearing. The TV is really making everyone MAD at me LOL.. Certain programs I can hear good others not so well.. The list goes on and on, so needless to say I will be watching this thread for comments. By the way have any of you found bad hearing at times being a great excuse!
  7. And there you have it!!! Spades H. With hours of practice both dry and live fire as well as dozens and dozens of matches and a set of irons as described and some luck at the right moments and your walls should start filling up nicely with plaques and buckles!!
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