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Have Cowboy Guns Will Travel YouTube channel NEW

Silver Shadow

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Don't get to excited, this isn't Grizzly Dave or Jedi TV caliber, but, I'm trying to learn.


The majority of the videos feature us shooting, but, there are some videos of real shooters also.


The content is our first videographed trip. Bordertown 2015. We hope to do many more, so check in once in a while if you like.


Here is the link to the channel:




Hope you enjoy it.


Silver Shadow and The Allen St. Contessa

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Nice videos! If you wish you can flatten your action camera video to get rid of the fish eye appearance. Which action camera are you using? Most if shot in 1080p HD will narrow from 140 degrees to about 90 degrees minimizing the fish eye effect. In addition, the majority of the new editing software have flattening utilities or you can purchase proDADD DeFishr https://www.prodrenalin.com/defishr/ . Almost all GoPro videos have been flattened unless the fish eye is a desired effect. I too have subscribed.

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Hey Thanks all.


This is pretty much all new to me. I'm still learning how to get the results I'd like. So far it's been trial and error, with more errors than...


I do appreciate the tip on eliminating the fish eye look. I'll have to try those.


I'm using a basic gopro and a couple cell phones. I've got a nice selfie stick for the higher angles,which helps a lot in crowded venues, also some other mounting devices I will be trying in the future. I've also got a couple more gropros on tap to try some multi angle stuff.


I'm using Windows Movie Maker at the moment until I figure out what I need, and Audacity for the sound editor. Wish I had a blooper video of me trying to do voice over. That would be hilarious.


It's also pretty obvious I need to work on resolution and aspect ratios.


Grizzly Dave and Warden, I enjoy and am subscribed to your channels also, without you guys I probably would have never tried something like this. If any of you others have channels, I'd love to see them.


Thanks again for the encouragement, and, I'd be happy to have any more tips you'd like to share.



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