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  1. 3 out of 4 clubs in my area have dropped there sass affiliation since sass would not explain to the clubs what the clubs dues where going towards, they even sent certified letters as well and with no response they dropped there affiliation. Now these clubs wanted to be a part of SASS but with no response they voted to leave. I'm a newer shooter to sass (2 years) and I have a hard time believing sass can not stay open on 19,000 members who pay $65, but after the fee went up I know there are going to be lots of people who will not renew. Ive also noticed people calling others names and that's no
  2. lots of in fighting here, regardless SASS is dying off, new members are few, especially in my area, more and more are letting there memberships expire since they don't shoot sass events. im the youngest sass member in my area(31) if we want sass to survive we need more members plain and simple. Will see what happens at the end of the year with SASS, I have a feeling they will have less $ then they did last year. Im proud to be a SASS member but we all are aware of the decline in numbers. We need to start reaching new blood, everyone I talk to knows about IPSC or 3 gun but when I mention SASS m
  3. SASS needs to advertise to the younger crowd 18-30

  4. Is SASS does not attract new (younger) members it will slowly fade away.......

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