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  1. My Kansas City gunsmith, Fred Lipowicz, reprofiles both Single Action Army hammers and those of Colt Cap & Ball revolvers. This is his work below, PM me for his contact information.
  2. Billy an OUTSTANDING article and thoroughly enjoyable thread! I am sorry I won't be able to join you this year at Winter Range. I should be healed well enough to attend EOT so save me a spot on your posse. I am and remain your loyal and obedient servant, Tame Bill
  3. SASS Alias: Tame Bill SASS # 30699 Kansas Shooting for 18 years
  4. I just received my latest brace of '51 conversions fresh from engraving by Kelly Laster. Check out the engraved hammers!
  5. Here is a comparison Factory versus Profiled '51 Cap & Ball hammers . The profiled hammer has yet to receive the final polish and serrations.
  6. Fred Lipowicz, a well known gunsmith here in Kansas City. He created a fixture to guarantee uniformity of the hammer profiles. He has done 4 hammers for me so far and they all look all look perfect!
  7. I finally convinced my gunsmith to profile my ’51 Navy R-M conversion hammers. I really like the appearance and the improvement when shooting.
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