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  1. I've been anti Bruce Dern since the very first time I saw the Cowboys. In fact I've been known to turn a movie off when I saw his name in the credits. I have to say though, I did feel sympathy for his character in Nebraska.
  2. Thank you sir, I have sent you $85 via paypal. If it is not enough, please let me know. If to much, keep the change. What ever shipping method you choose is fine with me.

    Thanks again

    Silver Shadow

  3. Reading comments on the WIRE, I came across yours and noticed your from Soda Springs ID.

    A friend of mine lives there too. Robert Thayne Gentry or Shine as some call him. We were Snipers in VietNam 40 years ago. USMC 1969-1972. Do you know him? I talked to him a few days ago. I started shooting Cowboy Action in 1985, SASS #1001. Craig Hanson Anaheim Ca.714-772-1302 if you want to call.

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