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WTB Broken shell extractor 38/357

Rootin Tootin

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Thanks for the advice Marlin.......Chuck and I have 4 to 5000 casings and just bought 1000 Starline for big matches exclusively... Some of the others may be getting worn and we do the best to pull em before they break, when loading up on the 550. So far so good, but you never know when that one will pop up and I want to be prepared. Must go back to BS days.


Always good to hear from you my friend.....RT

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A broken shell is one rotten thing about shooting.

The case extractors I see on the market are made for one caliber only.

And most rifles have very little room to work.

Maybe some of the gunsmiths will have an answer that doesn't cost 20 bucks a caliber.



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