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Frog Lube in Cold Weather

Marauder SASS #13056

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I was looking at frog lube and read some of the reviews. The vast majority liked it, but several mentioned concerns about:

1. Long term storage

2. Using in colder weather.


In cold weather they said it slowed the gun so much they had problems with the actions. Similarly when they stored the gun a few months, the gun would hardly cycle.


If those comments are correct, I would have to avoid it in cold weather. And be careful to double check any guns stored for a while.


Have any of you experienced either issue?

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I decided to give it a try some time back and treated my match revolvers and my SKB.


I can't really comment on how Froglube works for long term storage since these are guns that get regular use.


I have not noticed any problems in cold weather so far. I have read "counterpoints" to such complaints suggesting that this is a problem when too much Froglube is applied.


I followed the directions in the initial treatment which means I wiped off all excess lube. In subsequent cleanings with Froglube CLP I have swabbed out or wiped off any excess.


I didn't drink the green Kool Aid, keeping an open mind but it has worked well for me so far.

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I can't say how well it'll work on the internals of a lever rifle or revolver, but cold weather has never been a problem for me in any of my automatics. I use it on my 1911s and AKs with no issues. As soon as you drop the hammer and things start moving, the lube warms up and begins working like oil or a very thin grease until the gun cools back down.


I suppose if you slobber in it there like you're packing grease into a wheel bearing it could be a problem, but as long as you apply about as much frog lube as regular firearms grease I don't see how it would be a detriment.


Can't say as to how it stores long-term. I shoot my guns.

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I had issues with my 73 at Winter Range when it snowed 2 years ago, but after a couple shots for the day it loosened up. I understand they changed the formula since then as well.

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Yes, I've used EEzox and like it as a cleaner and protector I'm not as sold on it as a lube.


Yes, I’ve tried:

Breakfree CLP


Slick 2000





Tetra Gun

Special military formula used in Middle East


Mobile 1


Sweet Shooter



Outers Oil

Mobil 1

Expensive refrigerant oil

Royal Max-Gear

Gun Slick

Brian Eno’s lube

Brownells Action Lube Plus

Brownells Friction Defense

Tri-lube with Teflon


Dura Lube


Special bicycle grease that sticks well and stays very well.

And a few others I don’t remember

All of these work okay. I like to experiment.


I do not use regular WD-40 for gun oil, but have used it and silicone sprays for cleaning.


As you mention, several of these (Eezox, Sweet Shooter, Militec, Tough Slide, Slide guide) do work essentially dry which is good when cold or in dirty environments.

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I've been told that if you check the ingredients of Frog Lube and Thompson Centers Bore Butter you will find that they are just about the same. Never bothered to check it out cause I'm quite happy using EEZOX for just about everything on my firearms.

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