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Minnesota/Illinois pards

Tex Jones, SASS 2263

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Thinking about driving to the in laws in Minneapolis and, possibly attending the Morristown, MN shoot in September. Coming from NJ I normally drive through Chicago. I assume that's a bad idea with firearms in the car. Any way to avoid that without too far out of the way?

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Assuming you are taking interstates, just come west off the end of the lake on over

to I-88,When you cross the Illinois boarder if you have gps tell it you want to go to Rochelle,

I-39, wave as you pass the Peace Road exit....

Take 39 north and hook in to 90 at Rockford and north on 90 and so on.

I believe 90 is under a fair amount of construction, between Chicago and Rockford.

Im avoiding going thataway this summer

so far so good.

While this adds a couple miles, they should be fast miles avoiding the 14 mph city suburb mess.

Avoids Chicago, all is well.

There is an Illinois tollway website, check a couple days before you head out.

Happy trails, pard.



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Yup. Stay on I-80 all the way through Illinois. There is just one toll booth to deal with. Remember to put ALL guns in the trunk.

Even yer carry piece??? :P

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