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Cimarron Saddlering Carbine

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I have a friend that has asked me to help her price and sell her guns. She has not shot in 4 years and it's time to divest . She has several really good guns, A 200 SKB owned by Shotgunner that I sold her and some Rod Kibler leather and new Vaqueros. I have no idea what a fair sale/buy price is on a 1873 357 with action work and short stroke. It is colored case hardened and has a leather butt cover. barrel is 18"-`19" not sure. The others I can value. Her pictures are giving me trouble loading and will figure it out but for now any help is greatly appreciated,

thanks Dirt



What ga. is the SKB.

I may be interested in BOTH guns if the price is right.



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Just watch the Wire. There will be rifles like this posted and sold. And bought. Check the pics and prices, that will tell you the best.






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