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  1. Thank you for the suggestions so far. I am not impressed with the stitches on Big Texas Holsters. I like the carry options on DeSantis Wild Hog. Hunter doesn’t list one on their website. I would like to check out Triple K in person.
  2. In Congress numbers count. The larger the membership of a organization the more influence they have in Congress, their Senator and Representative. The NRA is effective because it is so large and can motive members to vote and call/write/text their Representatives on gun issues. i am a endowment member and don’t make direct contributions. My plan for this year is to buy annual memberships for my daughter and her husband because numbers count in Congress. Today businesses are slaves to computers. But computers are dumb slaves and will do only what they are programmed whether it is right or wrong. I am having a issue with my medical insurance not paying a bill because the Doctors Office will not submit the bill using a certain code. The code the insurance company wants is the wrong code for the procedure but it is the only one the computer will accept to pay the bill. (sigh). So it could be as simple as the confuser, computer or error or maybe you have a anti-gun mail person. Oh I have no problems getting my magazine.
  3. I brought a Ruger Birdshead Wrangler with 3 3/4” barrel and really like it small size and weight. I can foresee carrying it a lot around the farm if I can find the right holster. Cost of holster is a bit of a issue as this is a inexpensive gun. Suggestions for carry from the posse?
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