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  1. Excellent condition 20” Renegade. I replaced the left side cover with one with my initials, have ordered a clean plate to replace for new buyer. Probably has less than 1000 rounds through it $1350 plus $30 shipping
  2. The grip thinning makes a huge difference for 1 hand shooting and because if my arthritis it helped shooting 2 hand greatly
  3. 4 5/8 barrel, 357mag, set up for .38 ‘s i slimmed the grip on all sides the same way TBone and the gang do theirs. It fits my average size hand much better. I had Rod build this as a backup but never used it. Very light wear, smooth as silk and Short-Stroked $700 plus FREE shipping or face to face if possible Will also consider trades of 1911 style 9mm, full size to compact
  4. Can you possible send some pictures?  Is this the only one you have?  What work have you done to it?



    Too Tall

  5. There were 2 levels of guns from SKB. 100 and 200, the 150 came along later which was a higher grade 100, splinter or beaver fore end. The 100 was extractors only, 150 could be either. The 200 always was an ejector gun. The 200 and 280 English straight stock had split ejectors which have to be disengaged for our sport. Pretty easy to do. ALL of the models could be ordered with engraving, silver nitride , and different fore ends. They were the poor mans answer to the BSS and were all hand fitt d and extremely well made.
  6. Dee you make a good point about a shell slipping under the lip of extractor from split ejectors. It can happen when the rim ring is chamfered down too far or it's taken past 180'. The bottom part of the rim of the ejectors (now extractors) should be left alone just for this reason.
  7. Cannot imagine how the split extractor would affect anyone's ability to shoot anywhere near as fast as the gun is capable of. More modifications is not necessarily better. I built a Bunch of 200's with split extractors ( used to be ejectors) and never had an issue with them needing welding,
  8. Who were the 4 young men standing shoulder to shoulder on the SASS webpage
  9. The 100-150-200 and 280 ALL have single selective triggers which allows for changing the first barrel fired except for a very few early doubles trigger guns. Generally once a mechanical trigger is added the selective trigger feature is rendered nonfunctional. For ends were available in both beaver and splinter for all the guns if ordered. Usually the 150-200-280 all came with beaver tails , the 100 usually came with the splinter as it was the base grade gun. Sold new in the 70's for $150 or less
  10. She should definitely have an SKB,lighter and more agile,her game will improve along with her enjoyment and you win as well😹
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