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Revolving (CARBINE) 22LR/22mag campaign

Johnny Loco

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I was told by someone connected to Cimarron that if I can get a thousand folks or so to express interest (email) in a revolving 22LR/22Mag CARBINE they might consider it.

Thanks fer y'alls help.





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They will be hard pressed to build a convertible revolver better than the Ruger Single Six.

If they can build a twelve or even a ten shot -- that would be something.


Otherwise GCK is quite correct.

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They will be hard pressed to build a convertable revolver better than the Ruger Single Six.

Many years ago I recall seeing a rifle built by a gunsmith out of a single six

it had a rather modern pistol grip stock but other than that(done I would think to avoid major redesign of the mainspring) it looked a lot like a scaled down version of Colts revolving rifle


how hard would it be for one of the major CAS gunsmiths to come up with a kit for something like this? I sort of doubt that there is a big enough market for a major gun company to offer one from the factory

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A while back I bought a uberti revolving carbine.

The buttstock attaches to the pistol grip with a clamping thumbscrew


The barrel is 18 inch long and quite clumsey with out the stock attached.

afaik this is legal with or without the stock attached.

It only holds six rounds so if used as a match rifle, it would need

a reload on the clock.

It could be used as a match pistol but the 18 inch barrel could slow

up a draw some.

Mine is 44 mag, I have seen one it 45 colt and heard they were in 357 as well.

As of the last time I looked the real problem is the stock.

There are no replacements yet it would be no big trick to make.

Any one who makes guns could do this very easy.

There was a similar black powder gun.

They are fun to take to a range.



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You could buy a Remington '58 revolving carbine and put the new Kirst .22LR Konverter in it. Sure there's only a 2" barrel inside the bigger barrel, but if you wanted accuracy you buy a lever action. Or for about the same amount of money buy an Uberti .357 or .45 revolving carbine and have it sleeved.


But if you had ever handled an Uberti revolving carbine, you might not want one. Not comfortable. I bet they only sell a couple hundred a year, some for novelty because they look cool, most to mounted shooters who have a category for it. And then I know someone who bought one and removed the stock and bolted on a standard gripframe so he could have an 18" buntline :lol:

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They made them, they didn't sell. Just like they wouldn't sell enough now to pay for the tooling.


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Is Not the main problem with any revolving rifle design (unless you made one out of a Nagant) the 'fire spray' from the cylinder gap?(and if out of time a touch of lead spray as well)


To take a proper grip on the fore end with the non trigger finger arm would need some sort of shield (like a larger roper cuff) for your bicep and or inner elbow depending on how tall you are.... I guess in .22 rimfire it would be less of a problem but in anything large bore and or powerful I think I would pass

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