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  1. Calamity will tell me if/ when I need Recoil Therapy.
  2. Going to derange. There's some Redcoat steel at 200 yards that desperately need some Freedom. Happy Birthday, Murica!
  3. Pretty soon, this thread is going to have to evolve to routers, likely the new-fangled mesh routers. Our 2700 squares home is built much like a lower case "b". The living quarters form the lower part of the b (the bowl to font geeks), with the 3-car garage as the b's staff (ascender). At the very top of the b, is my walled and air-conditioned workshop and man-cave. Getting WiFi to the man-cave has always been a problem, with the distance from the router and the two external concrete and rebar filled cinder block walls the signal must go through. Mesh routers seem to be the solution. I'm looking at the TP-Link Deco AX6600 Tri-Band or the ASUS ZenWiFi AX6600 Tri-Band Mesh (I have no idea why both mesh routers share the same AX6600 name.) I'd go with a two node system (at least initially), with nodes at the top left and lower left of the bowl of the b. Existing power and high, open cabinet tops being the main consideration. That configuration should give us good coverage of our home offices as well as the flat-screen and the all important man-cave. Any thoughts?
  4. Well carp, you're right. I should have said 20 years. In 2002, meeeeby 2004, in the wilds of Long Belch, CA, Comcast offered true 10 Mbps (up from 5) internet over the Cable. I got the "Internet Hog" package, without download or speed limits. After enduring AOL, it was ammmmaaaaaazzzzzzziiiiiinnnnngggggg!!! Had to hide my router, lest Comcast charge me extra. But that was 20 years ago, and there's been rum since. Livin' the Geek Life!
  5. Out here in the Florida swamps, internet options are very limited. I'm currently on an AT&T <spit> DSL line; I've had better -- 30 years ago. A neighbor went with StarLink as soon as he could. Overall, he's been relatively happy with the speed and reliability. However, the incomplete StarLink constellation (with about half the intended 4,408 satellites in orbit) means occasional drop-outs and limited throughput. And rainstorms (which NEVER occur in Florida) will sometimes block the signal. StarLInk says all that will improve dramatically with the rapidly increasing amount of satellites - in 1 to 3 years. Even with the current shortcomings, I signed up for StarLInk. Theeeeen... Florida High Speed announced they will soon be offering Fiber inside each house in our area: 100 Mbps as opposed to "up to" 10 unreliable AT&T <spit> megs, for only $2 a month more. Oh Hells, yes! I cancelled my twice as expensive StarLink to go with Fiber. I look forward to cancelling AT&T <spit> with extreme prejudice. Bottom line, StarLink should be a good provider if no other choices are available. You'll pay more, however. Luck, BB!
  6. Yup, probably not the best description. Most times the error presented itself as a fired case in the chamber, usually partially extracted, and a live round (with a damaged bullet) jamming the breech. The jams weren't too difficult to clear, but it seemed to mostly happen when I was on the clock (Appleseed). Except for that one time (on the clock) that I had to use a knife to pry out the fired case. Haven't seen a jam since I installed the Exact Edge Extractor.
  7. She was an amazing woman. Good to find a bit of her still here.
  8. Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor. My Fiftieth Anniversary Design Winner 10/22 would occasionally get a vexing double feed jam that was keeping me from completely loving that wonderful rifle. Nothing I tried seemed to work. Then I was on a 10/22 board, when an ol' gent wrote on how bad the Ruger extractor was. Well, a new extractor from Volquartsen was only about eleven bones... Wutdaheck. With the tiny part in hand, I could easily see the quality of Volquartsen's Exact Edge Extractor when compared to Ruger's stamped part. Took me about 3 minutes to install it in the bolt. A quick trip to the range (like that ever happens) showed that I had solved the double-feed problem. All my 10/22s now sport a Volquartsen extractor. A new 10/22 gets one automatically. Other items all of my 10/22s get: a ProMag bolt buffer rod (cheap), a Volquartsen bolt release to make shooting just that much more pleasant, a hex headed takedown bolt that I can torque to a constant value, and an extended mag release that the trigger finger can work without breaking the master grip. Those items, and a box of CCI Standards, are all you need.
  9. Hey, a yuge THANKS to you pards and pardettes for keeping Allie's thread going all these months.
  10. Many thanks, SAH. $96 for a case of SRP hurts like hell, but Needs Must When the Devil Drives.
  11. Roberts voted with the Conservative majority. Justice Thomas wrote the Majority Opinion, which is a VERY good sign for the Constitution. His Opinion is already being referred to as Historic. Justice Breyer authored the Minority Opinion.
  12. I can stop any time I want to.... Kershaw Launch 11. 100 bones at my LGP. My new EDC. Good steel, great ergos, excellent balance, right size. Verrah Nice.
  13. Kinda fun: Field stripping, degrunging, detail cleaning, oiling and greasing, a bit of tung oil on the stocks, a little light polishing, and... The orphan now looks, feels and operates like a different, much better, gun. I think there's a full tear-down and renovation in its future.
  14. 44 Special/ 44 Mags or 44-40s? Rare birds, both. Meownself, I shoot 5.5" SS OMV Bisleys in .38/ .357. Love 'em to death. Love those OMVs.
  15. Did the deed. Ol' girl has seen some miles, been ridden hard and put away wet. Prolly an ex-SASS pistola, given the trigger job and the Eagle grips. The pard didn't believe in lubrication, and she was a dirty, dirty girl (rowrrr) - black powder? Overall, not in too bad of shape, a little holster wear around the muzzle, some flaws in the case coloring, and an idiot scratch. No rust, and the bore - with several runs of the bore snake - was bright, with well-defined lands and grooves. The trigger was light and crisp. She cleans up nicely, don't she? Gonna enjoy plinking with her. A suitable companion to my Wild Bunch 1873 45 Colt Lever.
  16. Hey, Lumps! Good to see you! But, MISSOURI??? Weren't you in Arizona? Man, I've been away from the fire too long. Knew that about the Rugers. Supposedly, the high temps required by an ol' fashioned color case hardening wouldn't do the already very strong steel Ruger was using any good. Or it was cheaper... Or both. Sure is purty though.
  17. Buddy is offering me an Old Model Vaquero 5.5" Color Case Hardened in 45 Colt. Says he'll give it to me for a "Good Buddy Deal." <Shudder> He got it in trade for some mechanical work, so he "Knows 'Nuuuthin" about its history. Supposed to be in good shape, but he isn't a hardcore gunnie. I usually shoot 38s, but I have a .45 Colt 1873 Lever for Wild Bunchers. Quick guesstimate about its value? Thank ye in advance!
  18. Thank ye, kindly. I have a Ruger Mark I (RSP) that my Father gave me. It's waaay in the back of the safe. If a gun could be thought of hating its owner, that Ruger would be it. Every time I'd tear it down for a bath, I'd end up bleeding. Worst was when I pushed the takedown lever, thoughtfully manufactured with a very sharp spear point, through the web of my hand. I've also torn up fingernails, and maimed other parts of my hands. I talked to a Ruger rep, and he said; "Sent it back. It shouldn't be that bad." But... I fear to touch that evil thing again. I'll never sell it, it was my first handgun and a gift from my Father. But... damn! I'll give the S&W Victory (correct name) another look. Thanks again, Hedy. . BTW: I've sold a bunch of those Ruger Mark IVs. That takedown system is sooooo nice.
  19. Any input on the S&W Liberty? [Edit: SW22 Victory] Like the way it feels, like its modularity. Haven't shot one or know anyone who has. Doesn't seem to have caught on.
  20. Heard about the sword cane the ol' gent favored.
  21. Sappers When the Waters were dried an' the Earth did appear, ("It's all one," says the Sapper), The Lord He created the Engineer, Her Majesty's Royal Engineer, With the rank and pay of a Sapper! When the Flood come along for an extra monsoon, 'Twas Noah constructed the first pontoon To the plans of Her Majesty's, etc. But after fatigue in the wet an' the sun, Old Noah got drunk, which he wouldn't ha' done If he'd trained with, etc. When the Tower o' Babel had mixed up men's bat, Some clever civilian was managing that, An' none of, etc. When the Jews had a fight at the foot of a hill, Young Joshua ordered the sun to stand still, For he was a Captain of Engineers, etc. When the Children of Israel made bricks without straw, They were learnin' the regular work of our Corps, The work of, etc. For ever since then, if a war they would wage, Behold us a-shinin' on history's page -- First page for, etc. We lay down their sidings an' help 'em entrain, An' we sweep up their mess through the bloomin' campaign, In the style of, etc. They send us in front with a fuse an' a mine To blow up the gates that are rushed by the Line, But bent by, etc. They send us behind with a pick an' a spade, To dig for the guns of a bullock-brigade Which has asked for, etc. We work under escort in trousers and shirt, An' the heathen they plug us tail-up in the dirt, Annoying, etc. We blast out the rock an' we shovel the mud, We make 'em good roads an' -- they roll down the khud, Reporting, etc. We make 'em their bridges, their wells, an' their huts, An' the telegraph-wire the enemy cuts, An' it's blamed on, etc. An' when we return, an' from war we would cease, They grudge us adornin' the billets of peace, Which are kept for, etc. We build 'em nice barracks -- they swear they are bad, That our Colonels are Methodist, married or mad, Insultin', etc. They haven't no manners nor gratitude too, For the more that we help 'em, the less will they do, But mock at, etc. Now the Line's but a man with a gun in his hand, An' Cavalry's only what horses can stand, When helped by, etc. Artillery moves by the leave o' the ground, But we are the men that do something all round, For we are, etc. I have stated it plain, an' my argument's thus ("It's all one," says the Sapper), There's only one Corps which is perfect -- that's us; An' they call us Her Majesty's Engineers, Her Majesty's Royal Engineers, With the rank and pay of a Sapper! Rudyard Kipling Not much has changed...
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