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  1. Pat, best thing Calam and I did was escape from behind the Tofu Curtain. Been 9 years now, should have done it years earlier. I truly fear Kalifornia won't last another 3 years. It'll go "Detroit" almost overnight.
  2. The Big E. Served the entire Second World War. Sunk three times by the Japanese (so they thought.) Her battle record reads like a summation of the War in the Pacific. She SHOULD have been preserved.
  3. A-yuuup. A Manager of the Karen persuasion appeared in my cubicell, asking if I could open a toner cartridge package for her. (I've got a rep as the guy that can open things and close things.) I flicked out my very lil' Kershaw, made quick work of all the thick seals, repocketed the knife, and handed back the toner. Only then did I notice the scardy-cat's eyes as she squeaked out "...I don't think you should have that..." I calmly explained that her beloved company rules specifically allowed that small pocket knife. She left in a rush, hugging the toner cartridge to her chest like a talisman. I sighed, found the policy, highlighted the applicable section, and emailed it to her before she could get the Rent-a-SWAT wannabes in Security all excited. I heard nothing more, but another manager did hand me the same toner package to install in the printer. ;^)'
  4. . Surprised Kimber Customer Service didn't just say "Shoot another 200-400 rounds and call me in the morning."
  5. You won't be disappointed I wasn't. It's a fine knife, sleek and sharp. It'll definitely be in my pocket my next high society occasion. However, for everyday carry, I'll stick with my Kershaw Ken Onion Leek. No style, ugly as an evil stepmother, but completely, brilliantly effective.
  6. Swindle. On sale now (2/14/22) for $30 at Knife Center. I bought. Youz guyz are a bad influence. https://www.knifecenter.com/item/CRK240XXP/CRKT-K240XXP-Swindle-IKBS-Pivot-System
  7. When the smartz guyz all have a different opinion than you... Time to reevaluate. Thanks.
  8. Handled some Benchmade knives. They just didn't seem to be worth the significantly greater price. How wrong am I? And why?
  9. Hear yah, Doc. I'm horrid at sharpening blades. When we were in St Loo, Calamity swiped the Buck 110 I used and abused when I was an industrial electrician putting myself through college. She took it to a knife shop owned by an ancient member of the German Knife Sharpeners Guild. The old man restored the battered blade and put the finest working edge I've ever seen on that old warrior. Since then, I leave the sharpening to the pros.
  10. Sarge, A tacticool buddy intro'd me to the Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Multi-Tool Pocket Knife, the supersized Swiss Army Knife. Heard this is in the pockets of a lot of people that do know better. Plus, the Swiss Army emblem is disarming if someone who shouldn't see it - sees it. It has replaced my multi-tool in my pocket. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LZQ80H2/ Is there a way to easily shrink the size of the photo?
  11. Since my yout' I've lived in terror of canned spinach. Horrid stuff. Didn't recognize it when served as a fresh spinach salad. Really, really good.
  12. Hallow the Fire! Hey pards and pardettes; it's been a mite... work, the Florida rancho, reloaders and modern unloaders, dawg, Calamity , other distractions... Slowly getting back into the Great Game (Who could have guessed that Trail Boss would be unobtainium, and would likely be so for another two years?) (Who could have guessed that the leather has shrunk over the years. ) Anywho, one of the recent distractions has been pokey things. I like my Kershaw Ken Onion Leek one or two (maybe three) whole lots, and it's been my constant companion for years. However, just recently I got introduced to the fascinating (and immense) world beyond my Kershaws, Swiss Army Knives and Buck 110. Types, manufactures, steels, grinds, sellers, prices!, etc., etc., etc... The works of art you can hold in your hand - and open cardboard boxes and those thrice-damned plastic blister packs. Latest obsession: the CRKT Ken Onion Swindle. It speaks to my desiccated soul. That's a long way of saying "What knives do the greatest people in the whole, wide, wild, wild Interwebz world consider cool and worthy of a chaw 'round the fire?" Just neat, no need to restrict the lyin' to EDC or social knives. (Just bought a Lakota Lil' Hawk for my Git Home Bag. Never held such a sturdy, capable, soul-satisfyingly working knife.) A bit of tips or education would certainly go a long way. Good to be back. Uno
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