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  1. I did support for a friend's Baja 500/ 1000 racer in the early '90s. I found the GPS satellite constellation wasn't sufficient to provide constant navigation. Plus, with those early units, it was all waypoint navigation - as the crow flies. Difficult for the guys in the buggy confined to meandering Mexican goat-paths. We have it SOOOOOO easy today, with turn by turn navigation to addresses.
  2. . They're just too cool to shoot the .45 AARP caliber.
  3. Hey, Doc. Calam asked... okay, ordered... me to give you the benefit of my nonexistent hamster experience. Got into Hams at the request of my company's emergency response team. They had a nice amateur radio set-up - and no one to run it. So, I earned my Technician's ticket. Then, life got... complicated. Five moves in three years later, we're settled in God's Country, Florida. Which is a long way of saying: I'm way out of date. However, I received some great advice from Gordon (Gordo) West that I'm still following: Start slow and learn. Get a good 2 meter handheld from a reputable
  4. There was this M1 Carbine sale at MidwayUSA... and the retirement fund was just sitting there...
  5. Calam lost 250 pounds of ugly fat. But I found her before she got out of the parking structure.
  6. What a big, damn game! SC wins it with 00:00 on the clock! FightON!!!
  7. How's 'bout dat? They finally made sumthin' uglier than a helichopper.
  8. Raining here in the Loo. That clammy, drizzly, foggy type of rain. I long for a good, hard rain.
  9. Justin! Too damn long, my friend! How are things? Lady Jailer? Miss you guys, and KY Gal, Lump, and Ima at the ol' RR Bar spread.

    How's DTR coming? Doesn't look like it's in the cards for us this year. :( I guess I'll have to find the 20 pounds of sand to pour in my guns and ears somewhere else. ;^)'

    Say Hi! to everyone, especial...

  10. Hello Uno Mas...how you been?...drop me a note...see ya....

    Justin O' Sheriff...

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