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New Heading on this wire

Rye Miles #13621

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If you look at the web site with a period correct computer, you won't see the car. :ph34r:


I want a computer that instead of using a mouse, it has a six gun that I just point to what I want to see and pull the trigger to open the link. Or I could take my six gun, point it at the car, pull the trigger and it disappears. Sorry, I couldn't resist. :lol:

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I'm not crazy about the car on the top of the Wire. I know the movie and blah blah blah but I just don't think it belongs heading the wire. I think the WB could come up with sumthin more "old west" than that! :blink:


Whady'all think? Yea or Nay?


When At first glance I thought I had been put on a car ADD. YUCK

And the color is driving me off the wire early. gives me a headacke (true)

But here I am every night.


CCBA :blink:

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