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Need suggestions on who to get action work from


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There is a guy here in Georgia named Hogleg Smith. He does good work on Rugers.


Hogleg Smith

(770) 503-7572

4970 Poplar Springs Rd

Gainesville, GA 30507

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most of our reputable gunsmiths won't keep your pistols very long because they will advise you of a date to ship them based on their backlog of work.


The 'waiting' part of that equation is that some of the better smiths could be 6 months backlogged and will not want to have your pistols until May or June but when they get them, they normally will only have them a week or so and have them right back to you.


Unless your wanting your pistols short stroked or given the best 'touch' possible, you probably have a good gunsmith in one of your local clubs that can fix you right up.


For the work I've actually seen AND personally handled, you'll get top notch work from any of these smiths:


alpha order:

Jimmy Spurs



Wes Fargo


I've heard good things about many others but I haven't actually handled their work.


Best regards



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Three times I've handed Longhunter a pairs of Rugers at a match and had them shipped back to me within two weeks. The work entirely met my expectations. I've also handled Rugers worked on by Wes Fargo. Excellent work with short-stroke and half-cock options available.

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With all due respect, and without meaning to cast aspersions on any of our fine CAS gunsmiths, working on Rugers is not rocket science. I agree with Widowmaker. Ask around at your local club and you will probably find somebody you can hand the guns to. You won't have to ship them anywhere, and you can talk to him in person about what you want done.

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