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  1. Howdy, If you still have this rifle I will take it. Just let me know.

    Thanks Al

    1. Flaco Joe

      Flaco Joe

      Horseman, thank you for your interest, but Col. Falcon Tusacrora was the first to respond and he bought the rifle.




    2. Hoseman, SASS #35541
  2. I am a FFL holder and from what I have found it is just that they don't want to deal or ship to Ca.because they think it is kinda like a protest and that it will make a difference. All it is doing is giving California law maker what they want fewer guns in to Ca. it just hurts the good people of Ca.by having fewer places to buy guns from. So by the out of state dealer not shipping here it just means Government wins the honest individual looses. Sorry a little long winded and not spoken very well. Boils down to Ca Gov wins by not shipping here. Al
  3. I'll be there trying to walk the whole place with my bad back. I make a lot of stops.
  4. please delet last comment I wanted to IM, my error sorry!!

  5. hows about $6 towards shipping I'll cover any remaining shipping? If that works LMK and I'll mark them sold. If so please send Postal money Order to

    Nick Aument

    160 E. Vista Ridge Mall Dr. #2211

    Lewisville, TX 75067

    thnx either way

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