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  1. There has been a lot of good advice given here. Depending on what kind of guns you are looking for, often trades can be made here. Expect to ship to a FFL, unless you make a face to face trade or sale. Don't try to use Paypal or Venmo, they will freeze your account and funds if they find out you made a firearm purchase with them. [parts and accessories are still okay] And welcome to the place.
  2. DeaconKC

    It happens :(

    Mine happened at the Alabama State Championship this year. Round went downrange at the Loading Table, so no hole and thank God no one was hurt. I found out two weeks later, that a change to my medication had my blood pressure running with the bottom number actually in the 40s and 50s! My Doctor said I shouldn't have been handling anything more complicated than an ice cream scoop. Thank God for His care, because I sure shouldn't have been driving hundreds of miles and shooting in that state.
  3. I gotta go with the original Chick-Fil-A with extra pickles.
  4. The suggestion of garlic salt makes me wonder about trying celery salt next time.
  5. Gotta agree on almost everything! However, try the maters on a really fresh Kaiser roll sometime or a cat's head biscuit!
  6. Well done @Injun Ryder, SASS #36201L
  7. Yes, I have had it happen on my Schofields. The holster edge will push the latch far enough so that when you cock the hammer, it releases the tension and the barrel drops. So I found some holsters that have a deep cut that clears the latch.
  8. Mine is far messier and completed now.
  9. Mines in the garage
  10. If you have older Enfield revolvers, many had larger bores and will shoot very well with that diameter of bullets.
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