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  1. No, when a serious incident like what happened with Floyd George happens, it is turned over to another agency for investigation when a CRIME may have occurred. And I can guarantee, every cop or LEO who saw the George incident were like, "You moron! Get off him!" But I get fed up with self-inflated know it alls who tar the 99+% of good cops with the few who do stupid or criminal acts. I have known too many who had to retire early due to attacks or died in the line of duty to sit back and listen to a bigot, yes, I said bigot deliberately, because you are so fast to lump all the good
  2. Took my 8 year old great-nephew shooting today. He really liked shooting my Vaquero in .44-40 but just fell in love with the Henry 22!
  3. My LGS had 32-20 brass a couple weeks ago. If you are interested PM me for their number.
  4. @Branchwater Jack SASS #88854 told me to add some length to the buttstock to help with the finger bashing. I did, and it was amazing, that's why I had the slip on sissy pad last Saturday. I am going to put some more under that pad. It was really an amazing help!
  5. @irish ike, SASS #43615 "qualified immunity" does not protect those who break the law. And if you are honest, you would realize that the good cops are the ones who support when officers break the law and get disciplined or charged. However, by your posts, you obviously are a bigot who won't admit that or support the honest cops out there. SO when someone causes you grief, or you need help in an emergency, don't dare call those "dirty pigs" to come your butt. Don't ask someone like that to risk their life to protect your bigoted and biased butt. Don't expect someone's kids to grow up without a
  6. Yeah boy! Cardinals at 3 oclock Central today!
  7. I really hope you are just being a troll. Because you are making some really STUPID comments otherwise. Without qualified immunity no one could be a cop because nuisance lawsuits from idiots like you would destroy every LEO on the streets. Just the cost of paying for lawyers to defend, even found innocent, would run into so much in legal fees that no one could afford to be a LEO. SO if you want to live in a city or area like Portland or Seattle during the Antifa takeovers, you do not want that.
  8. I have a nice Resistol that is very warm and is relegated to Winter months! My beat up old work hats will serve me well the Spring and Summer and I am even going to hunt up a straw hat for Summer heat.
  9. That's the scariest hing I've heard today...
  10. Hiya Taos! I'm getting with Jerry from the club next week to work on my Stoeger. I will have it at the next match and you can see how it feels with what he is doing to it.
  11. This is so true, it hurts! It hurts!
  12. Pepper spraying an officer or threatening to, is a felony in most states. That is a physical attack and if all you get is face planted, you are lucky.
  13. Too late, all pistol powders gone already...
  14. @Doc Red Dawg, SASS #16761 could you send pics of the Colt 44-40 and the Schofield 3 1/2"?
  15. @John Barleycorn, SASS #76982 will steer you right. And yes, learning[and un-learning] new style does take time. And remember that the Piettas and Ubertis can be slicked up beautifully too. See what fits your hand best by trying different grips and styles.
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