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  1. Hmm, I wonder if the Tok brass is made to different specs.
  2. Maybe SPAM instead of the bologna?
  3. Waiting for VTI to actually let me know if it is actually in stock. When I checked the inventory box like you did, it showed me out of stock, then in stock...
  4. That is referred to as a failure of the victim selection process.
  5. I forgot, gotta have a big glass of cold milk with the PB&J!
  6. Strawberry or peach jelly or jam!
  7. The NRA ran a study over a couple of years on what women liked in guns. It was conducted by women and was one of the very best articles I have ever read.
  8. Sorry the sheep in high heels reminded me of this
  9. What do vegetarian zombies eat? Grains...
  10. The NYC State Attorney filed a lawsuit designed to destroy the NRA. So they declared bankruptcy, and are moving from NY to Texas.
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