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  1. I have a 1866 emf and had the same problem and ordered a screw from vti, and it worked. It was made in 1974. Use loctite to make sure it doesn’t come loose.
  2. Welcome Eileen. Hope you enjoy the game as much as we do
  3. Excellent piece Deuce. IMHO the game should be taking advantage of both before and now where you have some stages where you can go as hard as you want and stages where you mix in a bit of the old school and introduce a bit of fun into the game, all after the buzzer of course.
  4. Happened to my 66. Just dab a weld on then filed it to suit and left just enough for the rim to sit on
  5. Well, it happens. Went to a shoot on the weekend and one of the other shooters forgot to put ball in his crappies. So all you heard was the lube hitting the target
  6. Would be a better idea to have everyone do the RO1 course or introduce a spotters course for those that don’t want to do RO1 & 2
  7. Although I do agree if you are a permanent resident of said country you should be able to go for gold but if you you are a fly in fly out visitor from overseas then do your best for category award
  8. We do whatever the rule book says like any other sass club
  9. Would have to agree with them jackaroo. It is the national championship for the US
  10. My daughter started with .22’s and six months later she started using .38’s with no problems and uses downloaded shotgun rounds
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