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  1. I guess I'm struggling as to how a letter to the king we no longer have was the inspiration for this response. It's not that the declaration wasn't revolutionary, but once we won our independence, it was up to us to structure a country to preserve the liberties we fought and died for. That vision never dies, but thanks to the declaration, we no longer call him "king." That same constitution you cite bans titles of nobility.
  2. It is outdated. We won the american revolution and got to make our own rules. It was the inspiration for that decision, however.
  3. No, because people in the hospital are not a representative sample of the general population. They're probably not far from the population, but the demographics of those admitted to the hospital differ from the general population (older and sicker, and I'm sure there are other characteristics that are different). It doesn't mean that the statistic wouldn't be similar for the general population, but the power of statistical inference is not there where the sample chosen is not representative.
  4. They "tend" to by nature of having longer strokes. There's nothing inherent about the inline design that makes them more torquey and no reason to believe a V6 of the same displacement with the same bore and stroke would not make similar torque. It would probably make more actually by reducing frictional losses and rotating weight. An I6 is arguably more durable than a V6 of similar design, though.
  5. They probably went to a V engine because of packaging and weight. There's really nothing about an inline engine that inherently produces better performance. Sure there are arguments about having seven main bearings, but there's plenty of 5000+ horsepower V8s out there with only five, so I don't think that's really what matters. The Jeep 4.0 was a great engine in its day, for sure, but technology is an amazing thing and I'm sure there's something better these days.
  6. A modern crossover is basically a glorified station wagon. They are front wheel drive and have car suspension and no frame. The Maverick is no different. Your Ranchero was more of a truck than any modern crossover or Ford Maverick. The unibody design and front wheel drive makes these vehicles lighter and more fuel efficient, but it also trades off the things that trucks are made to do. Maybe that meets the needs of many people and that's why they will sell these, but for me, I need body on frame, and heavy duty axles/suspension to pull my trailer. But for people who want a truck merely to transport large or bulky items, the Maverick could be great. One of my coworkers ordered one and is going to replace his F150 with one--and for him, it's a good trade for sure.
  7. I have a pair of Cimarron Frontier 38/357s with 4 3/4" barrels. The only gripe I have is that the cylinder is so tight that even the slightest high primer drags and locks them up. As long as my primers are flush or below like they're supposed to be, they shoot just fine. They seem to be doing the job for this (very new) Cowboy.
  8. But why would a court enforce that? If there's no agreement, there's no contract. In other words, there's nothing for a court to enforce. How is it none of our business? End of trail was held there for how long?
  9. How would a non disclosure agreement be binding on anyone if a deal was never reached? That makes no sense. I can understand wanting to keep the terms of a completed settlement confidential, but if no deal is reached, I think it kinda speaks for itself that there is no deal, and that includes any "deal" not to talk about it.
  10. Thank you, I sent you a PM. I originally was going to register Chacon (a common Spanish surname) but someone told me I was El Chapo and I figured you don't get to pick your call sign. My first boss was a navy fighter pilot and he explained that to me. And they're right after all, my cowboy character is El Chapo whether I like it or not.
  11. Mine is actually different than my sassnet name but I couldn't figure out how to change it.
  12. Maybe, but having a relative or child who served or even died in service doesn't inform them of what the experience is like. Veteran culture is really about each other, the men and women next to us, not some glory from civilians. I tell them it was a pleasure to serve to be polite, but deep down, I wish all of them would leave the holidays for us. I definitely feel that way about Memorial Day, I swear if one more person wishes me a "happy" memorial day, I may do something I'll regret.
  13. Telling someone happy birthday is a simple tradition that follows from living; we all get a birthday. Someone who never served a day in their life thanking me for my service has no real idea what he's even thanking me for or what my service meant to me or my country. It's always going to be awkward for me no matter what people think.
  14. I still sized even when I tumble lubed. You don't need fancy lube sizer to size bullets.
  15. Just curious, why are you not wanting to size? The Lee sizer makes short work of sizing and isn't expensive ($20?). I size all of my bullets after they're powdercoated, even for CAS, but I don't shoot black powder (yet).
  16. I would be far more concerned about the specs of the bat than the price.
  17. The NRA tried to sabotage District of Columbia v. Heller. Their credibility is nothing. Now they jump on the bandwagon? No thanks.
  18. A gallon has always been 128 ounces. 128/5 is 25.6. It seems that it's your math that is broken. 750 mL is 25.4 ounces. If a shot is an ounce and a half, you're whining about .13 shots, aka, nothing.
  19. Yep, title and possession aren't the same thing. Law school would be that much shorter if property was easier.
  20. Normally what people regard as a "sale" is both a "sale" and a "transfer," more simply known as a transfer of both title and possession.
  21. The gun control act has banned this since 1968. It is a relic of a time before background checks.
  22. Gun control always was an illiberal view anyway. Liberalism is all about taking back power from the government; it was in its early days, the reason behind declaring independence, having our rights written down, and constraining the power of the monarchy. Republican government followed, along with the American Constitution that deliberately separated power so that no one person was "the sovereign" like it was before that. It is honestly hard to conceive of a more illiberal idea than denying citizens their right to resist oppressive government, which is why the Second Amendment was written down and has been part of our constitution since 1791. Gun control survives in the democratic party's platform because of the influence of progressivism. Progressivism (social democracy, etc., use the term you like) and liberalism are basically regarded as opposites everywhere else in the world. For some strange reason, in America, these two things are lumped together, but they couldn't be more different when it comes to issues like this, that pit personal liberties against what progressives regard as "progress."
  23. The reason is that the sound basically starts at the end of the exhaust pipe and works its way forward. Large tips give a deeper tone than the pipe in front of them. It may not make a huge difference but it's not zero. In my old age I've learned to like much quieter exhaust, but I still smile when I hear a nice deep gurgle from a V8.
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