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  1. I get annoyed with discontinuity between shot angles. Terminator 2 has a scene where the hammer is back on the 1911, then switch views and it’s down, then back to the other view and it’s down again. Obviously the scene was shot out of order and no one checked the details. Same as someone who is dirty in one scene, then clean in the next one.
  2. One of the other forums I am on requires 10 posts and 1 month membership before one can post or reply to a post in the classifieds section. Helps keep the scammers at bay.
  3. Started wet shaving 5 years or so ago. Use a slant for the first pass, then a Rockwell T6. Much better shave than the 3 and 5 blade mass market razors. Also $25 for 100 blades vs a few $$ per.
  4. I have a couple skb cases. Well made. Mine are precut double shotgun as I got them while doing a lot of sporting clays.
  5. This would not even be a thing or an issue if the nfa registry had not been closed in 1986. In many ways it wasn’t as anyone with an sot can still build machine guns. Unfortunately a lot of people invested in machine guns as they appreciate every year and they have a huge interest in not reopening the registry. if the registry was opened and you could buy a tax stamp for a FRT, people would do it and they would be worth a lot. Will see where it ends up after the courts are done.
  6. Per the definition in current law, a frt is not a machine gun. The atf took the stance that the shooter makes one action and it fires multiple rounds and is machine gun. Same as a bump stock. May be overturned as they are using chevron deference to expand the definition. Obviously the guy who designed the frt was spoiling for a fight and was very clever. now in practical terms it is as close as you can come to a machine gun without being one. If you want to see people shoot them, look up YouTube videos. There was one guy who compared it to his m16 and it equaled the rate of fire. Faster than a binary trigger which is still “legal” but fires once on pull and once on release.
  7. I bought a keg of unique a few months ago after looking for 3 years. I like it as it can give light loads or skeeter loads.
  8. I wondered when they would have an issue with too much beer on hand. Beer has a finite shelf life and the huge drop in demand means they probably have a lot sitting around. When you hear of bars going from 2 kegs a week to 2 bottles, that’s a huge problem for the brewer. I expect the bud light business is built on turns and it’s not turning right now. I am sure it’s hurting them more than they admit.
  9. I expect they will overturn the lower court ruling as there is no reason to take a case if they agree with the lower ruling. This court has already been reigning in chevron deference with the epa ruling. Hopefully this should help slow down using federal agencies to push policy instead of congress, although trump started that with the bump stock ban and then Biden made it worse.
  10. Great idea (sarcasm font), make people choose between able to protect themselves or receive treatment. That won’t ever go wrong. Bad idea all the way around.
  11. you are confusing preload with spring rate. Not the same thing. The spring is now stiffer with 3 coils gone, but shorter, so less preload. If installed in the same location the initial force will be less making it seem softer, but at full cock it may actually take more force to compress the spring. Springs are rated in lbs/inch. If you use a standard 20lb/inch spring, compressing it .1” will give 2lbs of force. If cocking the hammer moves another 1/2”, the total spring force would be 12lbs at full cock. 2 lbs from compressing it .1” and 10 lbs from the .5”. Now let’s say taking the 3 coils off makes the spring a 30lb/in spring and makes it .2” shorter. There will be no force in the free state and the force at full cock is still 12lbs (.4”x30), as the spring is significantly stiffer. in your case removing coils seems like you made the spring less stiff, when what you really did was remove preload by making the spring shorter and not compressing it as much, the spring rate is stiffer.
  12. The ones for the x3 frame are shorter to deal with the lock. The other single action springs are on a different tab.
  13. Making a spring shorter makes the spring rate higher, thus stiffer. Simple physics. To visualize, take a yard stick bend it, then cut it shorter, harder to bend. Same thing with a coil spring. Just the wire is coiled up instead of straight.
  14. Removing the coils make the springs stiffer. The right fix is to use the right springs. Wolfe does make different springs for the trigger lock frames. https://www.gunsprings.com/RUGER/SMALL FRAME (XR-3) SINGLE ACTION/cID3/mID52/dID229
  15. Corn lobby is the short answer. If ethanol was the right choice for fuel, it’s easier to make from cane sugar like Brazil. Unfortunately like most things it has been corrupted by politics. I have read reports that it takes more energy to make a gallon of ethanol than it contains. Meaning the only reason we do it is subsidies. There is also a need in our fuel stream to have about 10% of something other than gasoline due to a lack of refining capacity. Mtbe used to be that energy stream until it was found to pollute ground water. A new source was needed and the corn industry pushed for it to be ethanol from corn. Also fermentation makes a lot of co2. Not exactly green. There is also was a push to have oxygenated fuels to reduce some emissions on startup and for non efi cars. At this point, non efi cars are mostly gone and because of using ethanol fuels we may make more emissions due to burning more fuel due to lower energy content. Ethanol gas typically gets 5-10% less milage or less power depending on how the vehicle is tuned. From talking to a chemist, methanol can be made from natural gas or coal quite cheaply and could be a decent energy source. Down sides are it’s poisonous and you have to burn a lot more of it due to low energy density. It’s also corrosive. Really doesn’t matter as the corn lobby won’t ever let it replace ethanol. If the subsidies go away so will all the ethanol plants. If I remember right ethanol has 70% the energy of a typical gasoline blend. Methanol is closer to 50%. Now both ethanol and methanol have a higher stoichiometric ratio so while they have less energy, then burn richer resulting in a net increase in energy. For methanol it’s about 2.5 times as rich. More power, but a lot more fuel usage. this is why e-85 or m-85 are horrible choices for daily driving. Both can be good choices for high performance cars where milage and cost per mile are not of high importance, but power is a premium. myself, I refuse to run ethanol fuel. I will pay a lot more to get 100% gas, running other non ethanol fuels in my ohv, boats, and small engines.
  16. Another fallacy, making methanol from grain. Just doesn’t happen. Methanol comes from pectins, that means you need fruit in your fermentation to make methanol. Look up Apple palsy. If it’s an all grain or sugar fermentation, there will be less methanol that in your orange juice. most methanol comes from people adding it after distillation to reduce cost and/or have more kick. Yes it does make you go blind or kill you. Imho this is a leftover from prohibition when alcohol was denatured (made undrinkable) by adding methanol as you can not easily separate the two alcohols by distillation.
  17. State guys are quite a bit more active. We had them stop in a few times to check us out, but I have only heard of a few cases in Colorado that they made an arrest. One was someone who brought some moonshine to a party and a officer was present, off duty. The illegal grows alone can keep them busy.
  18. We bought a house with a 20kw generac system on propane. It’s been handy as we lose power a few times a year. Since we share a well with 2 other houses having power is important. No power, no water.
  19. Unfortunately distillation of alcohol without a permit, either drinking or fuel is prohibited at the federal level in the US. But as many things if you don’t sell it, no one prosecutes. The revenuers simply don’t have the manpower. Because of this there is a vibrant community of home distillers. Lots of vendors who can supply turn key still setups or parts to build one. note my icon is a still head from my 120 gallon still. A design I worked out, a cross between a VM and a Nixon stone offset.
  20. Only if you get a federal fuel permit and then you still can’t drink it. If you want to make it for consumption, don’t share, don’t tell. Homedistiller.org is a good place to find everything you need to know. Btw I used to be a professional distiller, dsp co-20051.
  21. There are bears right on the edge of town. My boss lived off gold camp road and had bears in his yard. Mostly small black bears. Never really worried about them. I would be more concerned with two leg critters.
  22. The real fix is junk the pull chain primer tray and get the new style with the arm actuator. A much better design. Did that on the last mec I owned. Was well worth the $$.
  23. Mine have T bars in place. I was able to install them myself. A big improvement when you don’t quite get the hammer all the way back. I did have to file on the cylinder a little bit as the hand did not cock each chamber the same. Some went a bit too far. I lowered the hand a little to get correct lockup, then one chamber would just not allow the hammer to go all the way back. A little fitting with a file fixed it. if I buy another set of rugers, I would put the half cock hammers in them again.
  24. I worked with a tool and die shop where the owner made a wood gas fired truck. Had never heard of such a thing at the time. It does work, but not a lot of power from what he said.
  25. Balloon is probably too high for a helicopter to get to it. I believe they can’t get much above 20k feet if even that high.
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