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  1. With ignition off, the engine won’t start. It would turn over if the clutch was out, freewheel if the clutch was pushed in. This case is often used on off-road motorcycles on extreme hills where you would be walking the bike down. Dead engine, in gear and use the clutch as a brake. Easier as the clutch is on the handlebar while the brake is foot activated. a rolling vehicle with the engine off is pretty quiet, but not silent. Tires make noise.
  2. Close, but I have found unique in the last few years and never trail boss. I got a 8lb keg of unique in the last year. Should hold me for a while.
  3. Dry lube. Honestly I would use the old bicycle chain trick if you can remove the chain. Dip/soak it in melted wax. Will get the wax into the links and help flush out any dirt. Then remove and let cool. Knock off any excess. On a bike it’s good for 300 ish miles. Then repeat. Use a double boiler to prevent overheating the wax.
  4. On mine the safety spring would push the lever open with a lighter lever plunger spring. I had to either run a lighter spring for the safety or bend the stock one a little to reduce pressure. I don’t remember who made one, but someone does make a lighter safety spring.
  5. All pistols and rifles and shotguns are limited to 50 cal unless there is a sporting use exemption. Most 12ga and 20 ga get such an exemption. There are a few big game rifles that have exemptions as well.
  6. Pretty sure it’s the same as the US. Right hand drive is usually only in countries that were under British rule. Any under French are left hand drive. Seems Napoleon thought it was uncivilized to meet with weapon hand to weapon hand and thus we drive on the right side of the road.
  7. Yes. Called vampire drain. I left my ev for 10 days at the airport and it lost a few %, but not enough to matter. Teslas were notorious for having a high vampire drain when they first came out. I expect they have since reduced the problem to a manageable level. A quick search should show if it’s still a problem. all batteries self discharge over time even when not connected. Lead acid is pretty quick, less than 6 months. Nimh is really fast like a week or two, why early rechargeable tools were always dead. Lithium is pretty slow and can go a year or more.
  8. The Marlin is not easy to short stroke. Even when short stroked, you have to run shorter ammo as the lever moves the bolt directly and to reduce stroke you have to reduce bolt travel. A very different setup than a 66 or 72 which has a linkage where you can change the ratio between lifter and lever. I looked at what had to be done and gave up on the idea of a short stroke. Just did the Widder mods aka Widdermatic.
  9. They can’t even agree on the same charge cord, so same battery won’t happen. The charge cord is a more close analogy of pulling into a gas station and filling up. Imagine there were three different types of nozzles to get gas and you have to find the correct pump/ station to get gas. That’s what ev’s deal with. Imho it was a huge mistake in the US that the government didn’t specify a single connector for charging. They did in Europe and Tesla uses the standard, not the Tesla connector like in the US. Swapping batteries would be like a quick change gas tank. the idea of quick changing is really no longer feasible as the batteries have a lot going on for temperature control. They are also used as a structure in the car. Not as simple as just pulling it out and swapping in a new one.
  10. I know that lots of people say it’s mandated, but digging in, it doesn’t appear that it is yet. I see articles saying it’s a thing, but no one points out the actual cfr and the retained capacity seems to vary, which is something that is critical. carb does require emissions to be warrantied, but not ev’s yet. I did find a few people who had letters from carb stating they did not do it yet. It’s coming in 2026. It doesn’t matter if it’s law or not as most mfg have a decent warranty. Gm is the worst at a 60% capacity floor. So you can lose almost half the capacity before you get a new battery.
  11. Did some digging and there is not currently a minimum warranty requirement on the federal level. They are working on it, but currently there is not one. Just what each mfg offers. Even carb doesn’t have one right now. They have one set to go into effect in 2026.
  12. Ev batteries life really depends on how they are treated. I think most are rated for 1000 cycles or so until, they reach 70% capacity. If you do say a 50% cycle depth it will go 2000 charges, 30% and now it’s 3000. This is why it’s important to have a much bigger battery than needed. The battery will go many more charges if they are shallow vs deep cycles. If you do full deep cycles every day and fast charge you can kill a battery in a short period of time. Many examples of this where people commute with too small a battery and charge 1 to 2x per day. nissan had huge issues with the first generation leaf battery. They were small and air cooled. Almost all of them were replaced under warranty. Heat and cold can be bad for lithium batteries as well. Fast charging while cold destroys batteries. Most cars have heaters built in and limit charge rates when cold to prevent damage. Liquid cooled batteries have cooling built in to help mitigate heat damage. The air cooled Nissan batteries had no such provision and failed in quite high numbers in hot environments. The mfg also don’t provide a good way to track battery capacity, so it’s quite hard to know exactly what the capacity is of your pack. I would guess my Bolt pack was down 10-20% after 3 years and 60k miles, but I was never able to put a hard number on the capacity loss. as a battery degrades the cycles get deeper which further speeds up degradation. It’s a vicious spiral that can quickly kill an older battery.
  13. Klaus is a good one. A kids movie, but a few adult jokes thrown in.
  14. When I was shooting a lot of clays, I could buy a flat for $54. Could reload for a bit less than that. Laid in a lot of components at those prices, so today I am loading for 1/3 to 1/2 the price of current prices. Then for 28 and 410’s it’s even better. Just paid $24/box for AA 410’s. I can reload those for under $4. really depends how much you shoot if it’s worth it and how much free time is available as time isn’t free. For a box or 2 per month, probably not worth reloading, but when I was shooting 8-12 poxes per week, it sure was.
  15. At my house yellow is 2-st gas. Oil/gas mixed. Helps prevent straight gassing a chainsaw. As above they are supposed to be diesel. Diesel fuel pumps should be green covers on the handle. Except bp stations which use green on gas due to green being a corporate color. also diesel price on signs should be green vs red for gas. Again bp uses green for gas. I refuse to buy gas at bp as I have pulled in to them more than once expecting diesel and finding lots of green handles, yet no diesel.
  16. The 350 legend has been out for several years and the 360 legend was announced at shot show this year. Rifles only started shipping this summer. 400 legend doesn’t even have rifles out yet although there is some ammo.
  17. There is a huge discussion going on a long range hunting forum where the discussion is using 223 or 243 to take deer and elk with the right bullets. This will be the direction the industry goes long term. A lot less recoil and just as effective as the bigger cartridges.
  18. It is usually coupled with a minimum of 35 caliber and a maximum case length. This limits cartridge choices to low BC and slower speeds due to less powder and larger caliber bullets having poor BC until heavy for caliber. This all means the effective range is 200-300 yards. Lawmakers think this is safer than allowing 300 rem mag, 6.5 prc, etc that have 800+ yard effective ranges. Many of these states were shotgun only 10-15 years ago and the push was to allow rifles to encourage deer hunting, but they didn’t want to allow long range cartridges. Iowa is one of those states and the one I am now familiar with. It was shotgun only, then straight wall, and 3 years ago went to minimum 35 cal, but can be bottleneck. 35 Whelen has taken off. People go, why can’t I use a 30-06, but can use the whelen? Even though they shoot the same weight bullet and speed, a 30-06 has a BC of .452 vs the whelen is a .282. Using like bullets (Hornady spirepoint). That limits the range of the whelen to shorter shots and they will carry a shorter distance.
  19. Came about as a low recoil way to hunt with an AR-15 in Midwest states where the laws limit cartridges to straight wall, 35 cal, and a case no longer than 1.8”. Other options,357 Max, 360 buckhammer and 450 bushmaster, etc. the 350 legend is a 9mm (not .358”) bullet in what is basically a straight 223 case. So no rim. It’s specific brass, so you can’t use 223 brass, but it’s almost the same. Recoil is probably a bit more than a 357 mag as ballistics are similar to 357 Max. 360 buckhammer is a true .358 diameter and uses a straightened and shortened 30-30 case. Slightly more velocity than the legend, but being rimmed is lever, angle shot, and revolver. Can buy Henry rifles or rebarrel/rebore a Marlin. Essentially a longer and SAAMI spec 357 maximum. Although by using 30-30 brass it has taper.
  20. I love the line, “it saved lives”, yet the fbi analysis of the ban was that it did nothing.
  21. Load light. Look up data for 3/4 oz loads in a aahs or rem one pc hull using a claybuster wad. made sure the gun fits. Women are built differently and may need a different fit. Shoulder to cheek can be different. My wife’s clay gun has a raised rib and comb to get it right. Many shorter, well endowed ladies may need the angle and toe of the stock adjusted. women also tend to hold a shotgun wrong at first. They put hips forward and shoulders back to balance the weight. Opposite of how it should be done. Shoulders forward, hips back. Attack the target. When they get it wrong the body can’t absorb the energy as easily. Look at pictures of a trap shooter. That’s how they should stand.
  22. I see this minimal sentences and yet a friend who plead guilty for a crime he didn’t do, spent 4 years in federal pen and has 20 years of probation. The system is completely broken. Soon people will simply start doing it themselves and that will be the beginning of the end.
  23. I did for shotshell. I later added a single stage for my tungsten hunting loads, but I can’t imagine doing any volume on a single stage, 5 or 6 pulls per round vs 1 round per pull. When I was shooting 300 rnds per week, have to use a progressive.
  24. Luckily I didn’t have any loans, but my wife did and we paid them off. Her salary was not enough when she started, but it didn’t take long until it was. Now 30 years later it was a great investment. Paid for itself many times over.
  25. Unfortunately all too common a mistake. Lots of info out there showing how this happens. same magazine, same rifle, just a different barrel. The BO rounds chamber fine in a 223/5.56, just don’t fit down the barrel.
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