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  1. Not sure if they will hold enough to fire. You can buy chamber mates which are just a new chamber to shoot sub gauges in a larger gun. So I assume if it would hold enough to fire it would probably work. Not ideal and I would guess velocity would be low. I have been told the reason 20 ga are yellow is they will fit into a 12 ga far enough to get stuck in the forcing cone, which will explode the gun if then loaded with a 12 ga shell and fired. Being yellow you can easily see that it’s 20 and not a 12 if you had both in a pouch or pocket. Never tried it but I would guess a 16 won’t go in that far and a 28 will go all the way through.
  2. Not on my rugers. Had to tweak the springs on my remlin as it would have an occasional ftf.
  3. Lower trigger pull weight. Maybe slower lock time depending on spring choice. It was a measurable difference when I swapped springs in my rugers. Don’t remember the numbers, but it was 1-2 lbs less.
  4. Makita has already stated they are ending production of gas powered hand held equipment next spring. Some users will be fine with the change. Those that have small lots and use the equipment infrequently. Commercial gardeners and heavy users will resist and spend their money for the tools that can actually do the job.
  5. Both. I trust my 505 far more than my Hornady electronic. The electronic tends to drift a lot. Don’t trust it but it has its uses. Was doing some goose loads this weekend and used both. 505 for powder and the electronic for shot.
  6. It’s not the pressure, but the heat. More powder burning in the barrel, more heat, fast erosion. I think some of the barrel burners are under 1500 rnds barrel life.
  7. USPS rates have been going up for years. Used to ship a small package with tracking for 2.50. That same package today is 4.50. In the last 6-12 months deliveries have been slow and unreliable. A few of my suppliers have moved to other shippers due to the poor record of on time delivery. They need to realize that they are a service provider and give better service to increase business. Slowing down delivery will not get more customers.
  8. As a long time cat owner and growing up with cats, I find that if they are inside only they live long lives. Just lost two in the last 12 moths that were 15 and 19. Outside or inside/outside have shorter lives. As a kid we never had one that went outside last past 5 years. Cars and larger critters do a number on them. The kitten we have now came from a farm and was left an orphan after her mother was killed by a neighborhood dog. Living in coloradoI small dogs and cats are coyote food. roaming dogs can be more of an issue as they pack up and can kill. Had a woman killed a while ago in the county north of us. Most people who move to the country have no idea that it’s ok to kill a dog worrying cattle. The cattle farmers on the other hand know how to shoot, shovel and shut up. When Fido goes missing he isn’t coming home.
  9. Wow, they are on the shelf at my local Walmart, less than $30. I ordered mine off of Amazon back when they did the run of adult sized RR’s.
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