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  1. I use a piloted drill bit soldered to a long rod.This will not damage the bore. Driving anything metal or wood in the bore will make the snake tighter. Hunting elk a couple years ago came on another hunter (which is rare as I usually do not see anyone else) who had stumbled and jammed his muzzle in the mud. He had a bore snake with him. No use. I had a takedown cleaning rod in my day pack. A couple minutes later he was back to hunting with an open bore.
  2. I use custom molded( to me) plugs and muffs over them. My Dillon safety glasses have wire bows so there is minimum leakage. Hat is optional when shooting
  3. That Grey hat the other guy is wearing is not period correct
  4. Never heard of him but that saying in my area is older than me.
  5. Wolf Brothers Rum-soaked Crooks- Cannot find them now. They were long, slim gars.
  6. Wipe its ass, knock off its horns and throw it on the plate
  7. Here is one with an 86 in it so it shows the length. Older but in good condition. Other side is discolored from horse sweat
  8. Central Montana where I am is plains to the East and mountains to the West. We only have 18 cows and 6 people per square mile so we are not overrun yet. If you are thinking Big Sky you better have real deep pockets.
  9. My dad who ranched all his life and was as good a real cowboy as anyone on this site wore a straw hat in the summer as it was cooler.
  10. Interesting about the hats. Flat brim but all you see in western movies look like tacos. American History Channel is the worst.
  11. Their are 2 books on Tom Horn. Different slant in each. Interesting to read both. I have around 500 books on the old West. Some I have read more than once. If I had a list I would share it. Several on the Battle of the Little Big Horn but I will buy no more on this subject as there is no new info so it is all guesswork. None of what I have is fiction.
  12. For sale are these deeply carved stirrup fenders. Leathers are attached. Ready to put on your saddle and put the stirrups on. These are expertly hand carved; not roll stamped as on the cheaper leather items. 26 inches overall with the actual fender 20 inches. $100 plus shipping.
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