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  1. Followed the link... shows "In Stock" so I ordered 2 boxes... complete the order and BACKORDERED! By the time HazMat and shipping are figured in, comes out at 5 cents per primer.
  2. So... A few questions. 1. Was SASS (or CAS) your first foray into an organized firearms competition? No If you answered NO; a. What shooting game or games did you play prior and why start SASS? I did Muzzleloading rondevous shooting and shot IDPA with my Concealed Carry guns. b. Was the cost of those games more or less than your SASS cost? Hard to quantify since there was almost 20 years between buying guns for that and my SASS guns. c. Did you have to/ choose to delay SASS because of the costs? Actually Yes because of raising a family at the time and not that great of salary. Now my kids are grown with kids of their own, House is paid off, unemployed at the moment stretching my severance package until I can start drawing SS next year and received a small legacy from my mother with instructions to use it for something I enjoyed so I started hitting auctions, buying guns when others didn't get stupid and bid them up to more than a new one would cost. Eventually through my diverse purchases I realized I had enough of the required guns I could start playing this game. So I joined SASS and went to my first match, now having a literal blast!
  3. My first main match rifle I had when I started was an older Rossi M92 45 Colt. Not a bad rifle to get started with, and it would work for B-Western, however today I was at an auction and they had this and it came home with me. Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited JM stamped in 45 Colt with a 24" Barrel. I walked away with it for $750.
  4. Been buying Wrangler "Rustler" pants for many years. Went to put some change in the watch pocket the other day and the pair I had on didn't have the pocket. I was confused. It was just that 1 pair out of the dozen or so I own.
  5. Due to prior medical issues I have a hard time finding boots other than lace up boots. I tried these boots to get a more conventional look and although they fit my foot, my leg is too big around for them to zip up completely. So I'll just looking to get some of my money back. I paid $70, will take $50 + shipping. Size 8 1/2 EE Never worn only tried on. These authentic western leather black mens cowboy boots from Old West feature a all over leather, reinforced shanks, and hand corded medallion. Constructed from high quality leather and man-made materials, these boots are made to last. If you�re looking to add some western flare to your wardrobe, these functional and stylish boots are a perfect choice. • All Over Leather• Reinforced Shanks• Hand Corded Medallion• Side Zipper• Goodyear Welted• Cushion Insole• Round Toe• Rubber Outsole
  6. Welcome to the sport. You might want to check your Alias choice. A quick check of the SASS alias Lookup shows that Bushwacker Bill is already taken.
  7. https://gooddebate.org/sin/mirror/library/weapons/firearms/manuals/navy_arms-seven-seas-derringer.pdf Oops, misread original post. Thought it said LOADING. Sorry.
  8. The rifle the OP has referenced is a half magazine rifle. 9+1 is likely the maximum that particular rifle will hold. It probably does not have a restricted magazine since it is only half length magazine.
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