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  1. I also vote for High Plains Hud. Always dressed to the nines and very helpful to everyone.
  2. Haven't had a chance to get out and shoot them yet.
  3. I made these with Eras Gone .36 Richmond bullets and the Guns Of the West cartridge kit.
  4. https://www.millerhats.com/store/Cowboy_Hats/Cowboy_Hats-SASS_HATS/886_Cordova_Hat
  5. I bought a knife off a maker in Texas. The picture it looked like a manageable size to use for CC. The picture didn't do it justice, it is more of a short sword than a knife. LOL I now use a small (~3" blade stamped Damascus pattern) knife on my shotgun belt
  6. I bought a '94AE 30-30 from a coworker with less than a box of shells through it for $150 because he just didn't like it. It was Post AE but Pre-crossbolt safety. The lever safety is so stiff you have to really squeeze the lever closed to get it to fire and the geometry of the hammer/bolt interface was so off that when cocking it, the back of the hammer was forced into the frame forcing the bolt to flex up to completely cycle causing a very tight spot. I took care of that with a little judicial filing on the top nose of the of the hammer until it works smoothly now. But both issues should never been allowed past QC.
  7. I just grasp with my fingertips at the magazine/barrel junction making a tunnel between my fingers and thumb for the follower to go through. Just ask Major how well that works!
  8. A "bonus" target is only a bonus target UNTIL THE FIRST PERSON HITS IT! After that you have to hit it just to be on par.
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