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  1. I plan on being there as soon as sign-up is available.
  2. That can't be a Colt rig... there ain't enough BLING! LOL
  3. Here is my set I won made by our local leather maker. I was going to post his web site but he is wanting to slow down and took his page down. I had him make me 2 strong side and a cross draw holster so they all matched. My alias is stamped in the billet going around the back.
  4. Rossi x 1, Uberti x 5 and Winchester/Mikuro x 1.
  5. http://tulseytown.net/ Tulsey Town Cattlemans Association Contact them. Good people there.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/289660167796335/permalink/4015398401889141/
  7. I nominate Pony Soldier. His development of another CC specific match to help increase the participation in the category deserves recognition.
  8. It is with deep regret that I must announce that due to an unfortunate accident I will be laid up following surgery next week to repair my shattered ankle. So I will have to withdraw and hope to be recovered enough to shoot in the 2022 CCS.
  9. Sounds good to me. Looks like they have quite a selection!
  10. Already signed up... Have Henry will travel! LOL With the ammo situation I may be shooting my 1860 Armys for handguns.
  11. I would like to send a pm but the system says my mailbox is full. I will try to get that deleted and get you my info. In the meantime I will mark them with your alias

  12. Looks like this coincides with the Iowa State shoot Memorial Weekend. Correct me if I am wrong Major Art Tillary. Will have to see if I can make it work out. Have to remember to bring my Henry.
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