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  1. The only hammered double I have is one of the Chineese JW-2000. Can't cock the hammers before opening because the opening lever hits the right hammer if it is at full cock. That and they are too short and stiff to just sweep like that.
  2. I have backups for my main match rifles, however the one time I needed to use the backup it was clear to the other end of the range in my pickup so H Marshall loaned me his backup rifle (that he had in his cart) for the rest of the stages. Lesson learned, I now carry my backups in my cart.
  3. Prayers on their way. I have relatives that live in Pensacola so I understand what they are going through.
  4. My question is why 2 cushion wads. That is almost exactly the way I load my muzzleloading shotgun but I only use 1 cushion wad. And I don't load a shell, I load straight into the barrels.
  5. I'm the one that bought that rifle. I personally prefer the longer barrels especially on stages that have multiple shots on a target as the longer barrels seem to me to hang on target easier. I currently have a M92 Rossi .45 round barrel carbine and a Mirkou/Winchester '73 short rifle .357 round barrel both with 20" barrels, my other rifles are a 24" Uberti Henry, the above mentioned '66 and a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited all in .45. I also have a '66 Carbine in .45 colt with 20" round barrel incoming that I am still waiting on shipping info for. Then I would be able to have both '66s on my cart and use the short one for multi target transition stages and the longer for multiple rounds on target stages.
  6. I stopped by a not so LGS on my way home from the match this weekend and they had Remington #10 caps for $5 a tin.
  7. Follow the link that Ace of Hearts posted. Warden Calloway shows 2 ways to draw from butt forward holsters. Personally I think his second method shown is the safest.
  8. I don't think he is completely done with it yet so hasn't posted a link to the completed version.
  9. Same goes for me if you decide to come to Free State Rangers. I have plenty of toys as well.
  10. Welcome! Free State Rangers at Parker is my home club and good people and nice stages. The other ranges that Parson stated are also great places to shoot.
  11. I picked up a box of odds and ends at an auction. Among them was a Gold Cavalry hat cord. All I ask is actual shipping cost.
  12. I contacted John Taylor yesterday about having some work done but he said they are in the process of moving and not taking any new business at this time.
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