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  1. Yep, you whooped up on me at Border Wars this year! Should have used my Henry as well instead of the '66.
  2. You don't "focus" on a rear tang sight... you simply look THROUGH it. It doesn't matter if it is out of focus, your eye will naturally center the opening. The only sight you need to focus on is the front sight.
  3. I'll find out and get back with you.
  4. At all the clubs I have shot at in my short 6 months into shooting this sport, all the clubs have a standard rule, if a round hits the ground it is dead. If it lands on the table so it doesn't require bending over to retrieve it can still be used. In other words, if you jack one out and it lands on the table you can pick it up and reload it, if it falls off the table to the ground it is dead, get another from your belt to reload.
  5. You're there. I found you by checking the Branch list. It just shows your LT bar and the Armor insignia but no pics. You are member SV 552.
  6. Just submitted my App and sent pictures.
  7. I would like to send a pm but the system says my mailbox is full. I will try to get that deleted and get you my info. In the meantime I will mark them with your alias

  8. I sent you a message about them. I'll take them provided we can work out the price.
  9. That sounds like it would be fun... If it wasn't so far I would come shoot that match. I have 3 single action .22s a bearcat, a single six and a Heritage, and 2 compatible rifles a Marlin 39M Amendment II commemorative and a Winchester 1906.
  10. Looks like this coincides with the Iowa State shoot Memorial Weekend. Correct me if I am wrong Major Art Tillary. Will have to see if I can make it work out. Have to remember to bring my Henry.
  11. My Mikuro Winchester '73 is .357 and it shoots .38 PPU 158gr LFN, Cowboy Choice 125gr LFP and Scarlett Darlin's .125gr Hytec coated TC rounds with equal ease. I've yet to shoot .357 Magnum length cartridges through it.
  12. I second that. It was a great weekend with lots of great people. I just shot in the POP match but I hung around and helped out a little with the Black Powder match where I had almost more fun just being able to watch and enjoy everyone else shooting and the camaraderie of a great bunch of shooters. Congrats to Flint Hills Dawg on winning the Black Powder Championship. Looking forward to next year!
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