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  1. Early before things went wacko I bought 7k SPP and 3k LPP for $35@1000. Now since switching to Classic Cowboy I wish I would have flipped the amounts but at least I have enough to shoot a year or two once I get them reloaded.
  2. That is the way I shot my Henry at the Showdown since we were loading 13 for the side match so no hop stick. Worked great even with my short fat fingers.
  3. Almost all ammunition companies have posted that they will be increasing their prices for ammunition anywhere from 3 to 15 percent so it is logical that Rogers and all other retailers will have to pass the increase down the line.
  4. I second Rogers Sporting Goods, unfortunately they show out of stock on all shotgun shells at the moment.
  5. Trigger guard in your picture matches the #9 and not the 1893. Also the hinge pin matches the #9. The 1893 had a Purdy style button to remove the forearm to break down the shotgun. The #9 forearm didn't come off, it was broken down by removing the hinge pin itself. The #9 also had an automatic ejector instead of just an extractor.
  6. I posted a pic of a Remington ad for the #9, what makes you think it is the earlier 1893?
  7. Don't know why the pic didn't come through. Trying again. Remington model 9
  8. When I first got into this I was looking for YouTube content and stumbled on Jed iTV. First couple of his vids I was hooked. Binge watched them all. Lots of good info and fun content.
  9. Already signed up... Have Henry will travel! LOL With the ammo situation I may be shooting my 1860 Armys for handguns.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/coltfaroleather/
  11. PD, sounds like you are channeling your Avatar Tuco. LOL
  12. That would have been me. Talked to Grass Range by phone earlier. Got everything straightened out. Bad thing was it took the USPS 2 months to deliver my check to him.
  13. No, no, no.... That is a powder measure. powder measure.webp
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