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  1. Now that would be funny. Ringer goes in for Carpal Tunnel and comes out with a baby. @Ringer when you can let us know how it went.
  2. Tequila Shooter

    Big Drink

    Way to go Noz! Let's head on over to the saloon and we'll raise a glass. Barkeep set up a bottle.
  3. Wow, you're turning into my hero, I respect someone who tries new things and keeps at it until they like the result. I hope you're planning on posting some pictures as you go along. I know I'm interested in seeing how it goes, and I'm sure there are lots of others here too.
  4. When I was in the Navy I used quite a few since I was usually dealing with younger, junior folks. Like: Use that lump of $h1t 3 feet above your a$$ for something besides holding your hat. If they started with "Hey..." I'd quickly say Hay is the first step of horse$h1t, you want to continue this conversation. Did you swallow your chemistry set as a kid. Your a poster child for birth control.
  5. Nickel plate, really? You're killing me I love nickel plate. Please don't tell me that you're going to that yourself too. You better prepare yourself to make another one so you can have a matched pair.
  6. Don't forget to mention to your doctor about shooting, he may give you an idea when you can start back. Even if you can't shoot I'm pretty sure that a man of your talents could be put to work at a match.
  7. Are you going to make new grips or refinish/reshape the old ones?
  8. TFJ you're a man of many talents! How's the loading lever going?
  9. TM - Just in case you didn't know but the date of manufacture was 1885. Nice looking!
  10. Like they say break both your hands and have to go to the bathroom, that's when you find out who your friends are
  11. Please keep us up to date on whats happening.
  12. Oh I thought it was all scotch, but I guess it would make sense that some are aged in different barrels.
  13. I'm surprised that no one mentioned that Scotch is aged in used Bourbon barrels. Since Bourbon by law has to be aged in new oak barrels they can't be re-used for Bourbon, many distillers feel that the barrels have a lot of life left and will buy the used barrels.
  14. Thanks Heck I'll get it out to you today.
  15. I'll take the vest, shipped to 39525. Let me know how to get you the gold. Thanks, TS
  16. I had to have open on everything (wrists and elbows). Doc said that the elbow was a no brainer he'd have to open it up, the damage in my wrists was bad enough that he couldn't do it endoscopically. The wrist scar isn't too bad only about an inch or so and it's on the part that is already wrinkled where your wrist bends. I'd check with your surgeon and see what he feels in required.
  17. I'll take 2,000 of 9mm. Let me know how you want the gold sent.
  18. Had the surgery this past December. Mine was a little complicated though, I not only had Carpal Tunnel but I was having the nerve in my elbows getting pinched. So I had both arms done about 3 weeks apart. Before the operations I had no feeling and no strength in my hands, it proved to be dangerous because I would get cuts and not realize, pick up something hot and not realize it was burning. Both operations were successful and now I'm good to go. Recovery just took time, I didn't go to any rehab, had to have each arm in a soft cast for a couple of weeks right after, but after that just time. The only thing I uncomfortableness that I still have is at the base of my palms, the Doc said it was normal due to how much he had to do, but it is getting better. Figure you won't be able to shoot for 6-8 weeks at least that what my Doc told me, I waited a little longer just to make sure.
  19. Wish this had the skull crusher backstrap/grip Otherwise love it
  20. He's correct about reloading costs, which is something I wasn't thinking about. @Cowpoke Chris if you want to go to a .38 let me know I've got a couple of pistols in .38 that we might be able to work a deal on for your .44-40's
  21. I like simplicity so if I may suggest if you have a choice get a .44-40 rifle. Makes it easier and cheaper at the beginning to reload having only one caliber. The .44-40 will also give you some choices because it works well with BP and smokeless, and it would allow you to shoot WB if you ever wanted to. As you get to more matches you might find that you want to try different categories, from when I started (1 1/2 years ago) to now I've changed from shooting smokeless to BP cartridge, 2 handed to duelist, now I'm going to try my hand at gunfighter and even frontiersman. This hasn't been quite the answer to your question but IMHO they are things to think about with the rifle purchase. And like most in this game you'll wind up getting other guns and no one says that they have to be all the same caliber.
  22. CC thanks you sold me. I've had to clean the innards of my .45 Uberti 1873 after every match it had so much fouling. TFJ I started working on one this week after looking at the Anneal Rite. I didn't think that I could build one of those machines with the motor and disk.
  23. Welcome Snakejaw_Joe! You're off to a great start with that shooter. Here's some info on ammunition requirements from SHB pages 26-27: Power Factors The minimum standard for center-fire ammunition used in all smokeless categories in all SASS matches, including State, Regional, National, International, and World Championship competitions is not less than a minimum power factor of 60 and no velocity may be less than 400 fps. The maximum velocities are 1000 fps for revolvers and 1400 fps for rifles. Ammunition that exceeds these velocities is considered illegal (this does not include ammunition that does not meet the power factor). Pocket pistols, derringers, and long-range rifles are exempt from the power factor and velocity requirements. Power factors can be calculated by multiplying the bullet weight (in grains) x the velocity (in feet per second) and then the resulting number divided by 1000. Examples: - 100 gr bullet traveling at 600 fps has a power factor of 60: (100x600)/1000=60.00 - 77 gr bullet traveling at 800 fps has a power factor of 61.6: (77x800)/1000=61.6 - 200 gr bullet traveling at 400 fps has a power factor of 80: (200x400)/1000=80.00 Black Powder Testing Testing of blackpowder rounds for the production of adequate smoke will also be conducted in a similar matter as described above. Rounds should be obtained from the shooter’s loaded firearms while at the loading table. The rounds should be fired in comparison to test rounds made using the following load data: - Standard .38 Special case. - 1 cc GOEX 2F powder. - Federal Standard primer. - 145 grain bullet lubed with SPG. - Powder lightly compressed with a medium roll crimp. Failure of the shooter’s rounds to produce the same level of smoke as the standard rounds will result in a penalty for not adhering to the category requirements. The first offence will be assessed as a procedural penalty, the second offence in the same match a Stage DQ, and the third offence in the same match a Match DQ. With .44-40 just load'em up with BP and you'll never have an issue with smoke
  24. oh goody we haven't even started the shooting yet and we've got a WTC LOL
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