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  1. @Silver Sam, SASS #34718L love the work you’ve done, post pics when you’re done with the grips. I got these from a pard here on the Wire. I had them slicked up by Goon Gunworks. They run like butter on hot corn on the cob. Put Slix’s nipples on them and got a Polish Capper.
  2. I’ve been putting the shells over a ¾ inch steel rod and hammering them. It’s a lot of work but they’re round and passing the sizer check.
  3. @Gunner I agree that’s all I annealed, just about ½ inch or so.
  4. All I know is that this is the smartest virus I've ever seen. According to the media going to a beach or motorcycle rally will spread the virus, but if you openly protest, burn buildings and loot business's it won't. COVID is real no doubt but so is the flu, take precautions, wash your hands, if someone is sick stay away from them, and use common sense. COVID can kill, but so can the flu.
  5. Well said. Before I went to my first state match I felt the same, "I wasn't good enough to go". Afterwards I was glad I did, I met so many nice folks and had a blast. Was I good, no, am I good now, again no, but I still go and this year I'm going to 2 regionals (SE and SW). I'm not going to get a prize, but to meet new friends and hopefully some that I met last year. At this stage of life and time in the sport I'm competing against myself to get better. As long as I'm having fun I'll keep coming back.
  6. I was thinking the same, a good cleaning, check all the screws and pins and try again. That's the good thing about 73's the fix is usually simple.
  7. If you can find a mule train to Pensacola area I can take it from there for you.
  8. So would you say that they're not in their "right minds"
  9. I suggest you review the retirement advantages to any state you're thinking of. For example states like NC and GA you have to pay tax on your retirement income, other states you don't. Some states have ad-velorum tax on vehicles like AL, GA, MS. Other states don't have income tax like TN but the sales tax is high. One other big thing to consider is health care, if you're going to use Tricare make sure that the area has doctors that accept it. When I was stationed in Chattanooga, TN I had to hunt to find doctors that took the insurance.
  10. Who cares! No NBA, No NFL, No NASCAR, No MLB. A bunch of overpaid prima donnas who thinks everyone cares about their opinion. About the only thing left is PBR ( I'm good with that ).
  11. @Pat Riot, SASS #13748 so when the big day comes where are you going to go? People need as much warning as we can give'em.
  12. If you were traveling at the speed of light for those 880 days you'd be able to go 14,163,423,212,598.424 miles
  13. After reading these posts I'm going to try something, here's what I came up with: 1. anneal the brass 2. put brass in a pipe nipple 3. drive a 3/4 inch wooden dowel into the shell TFJ I see we're thinking alike.
  14. CC I agree with you it's a lot more money than I'd spend.
  15. +1 on annealing. I tried to do it by hand, then a home made machine, then I bought an Annealeez and haven't looked back.
  16. Looks like a handy little tool. Any machinists out there care to make one?
  17. 1. Should be as long as they were kept dry. 2. For loading data I would go to the powder manufacture's website for current load lists 3. Yes, see above and use the book for things like OAL etc. 4. The rules for loading BP cartridges hasn't changed, load enough powder so the bullet slightly compress the powder. If you search the forum there there are threads about specific loads others have used for CAS.
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