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  1. SHB p.34 Learned something new never new there was a form. I imagine this would also be used by a shooter needing to modify a gun due to physical limitations.
  2. If you want to shoot a BP substitute try either American Pioneer Powder or 777. I would stay away from Pyrodex causes guns to rust very quickly. @Scarlett Scarlett Darling sells APP (which I shoot and recommend for a sub), here's her website https://bulletsbyscarlett.com
  3. thanks Kid I agree 100% enjoy yourself you never know what tomorrow will hold.
  4. What brand/type pistols? I just ordered 2 lowered hammers from EMF for a pair of Piettas. Added bonus now I've got an extra set of hammers.
  5. Sure, what do you want to know? If you go back a couple of pages on the Wire you can see the step by step that I did on another set of grips. For the brass I just polished them with Flitz and elbow grease.
  6. I try not to listen to the voices in my head but sometimes....
  7. Never mind, I answered my own question
  8. Corona boredom project, make 2 pistols pretty. Here is before and after.
  9. That would a COVID death by association. Follow this logic: Shooter has COVID-19 Shooter handles ammunition, thus transferring the virus to the ammunition The round then goes into the victim which transfers the virus to the victim The victim dies on scene - it's a COVID death The victim lives - goes to hospital where they test for COVID, tests positive, then dies of gunshot wound - COVID death Hope this helps everyone understand the thinking of how to report accurate numbers.
  10. Oh of course...politicians have to feel important and justify those big paychecks
  11. That was beautiful to watch. But, how the h3ll do you teach a horse to walk/trot like that?
  12. You've got to love American ingenuity
  13. Can't you just seat them with a hammer and drift pin? It's a joke
  14. With things opening up soon I hope the warden let's you out
  15. Ok Yul the wheels look beautiful, but what's the next fractal project going to be? A whole gun cart maybe? Love your work!
  16. Still waiting to get the pistols back from Mike. I've been getting the needed extras a little at a time (powder flask, nipple wrench, etc.). As we get closer to getting back to shooting I'm getting antsy for them.
  17. I'm assuming the same thing. From what my friend told me was that the SG was that way when his father in law passed away, he doesn't know what happened to it either. I'm thinking that he's doing this for his wife, she was very close to her Dad. And I agree with you the guys on this forum are incredible.
  18. @Garrison Joe, SASS #60708 THANKS! you really went above and beyond. I'll relay everything to him. Also @Kid Rich and @Tex Jones, SASS 2263 thanks guys for the extra info. I thought I'd come to the right place for information, you guys rock.
  19. Thanks Pards! @Garrison Joe, SASS #60708, I didn't even think about the parts that are supposed to be on the fore-end. @Chickasaw Bill SASS #70001 I think you're 100% right about the PITA, and I know that he doesn't have the patience or the time to make one himself. @Warden Callaway thanks for the link I'll send it to him today.
  20. Since I'm just getting into C&B this looks interesting but brought up a couple of questions. Would that mean that you wouldn't need lube over the balls when using them with a BP sub? Is the thinking similar between using coated bullets with BP subs and coated balls with BP subs? They do look different, nice job.
  21. Thanks Chickasaw, I asked him to send me a couple of pictures, this is what he sent me. It looks like the metal is there but the wood is missing. Hope this helps.
  22. Good information for those of us just getting into C&B. Thanks Dave.
  23. Thanks Trooper Ozzy. And I guess I'll consider it your day to @Pat Riot, SASS #13748
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