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  1. Roger that, folks. I did see how the buttstock was attached and was able to remove that bolt. I have a set of hollow ground bits and after testing the screws in the sideplate I've decided to seek out a smith. Thanks a bunch for all the good advice. Greatly appreciated and I'll seek out the smiths you guys recommended, especially since none of us can find a diagram. FWIW, I did have the shotgun out after a SASS shoot Saturday and was able to practice a bit with it. Even after my pards and I put ~100 rds through that thing we all agree the action is still a bear and so far that is the only gripe about it. Again, your comments are much appreciated.
  2. Howdy folks! I just got a CZ (Huglu) sharptail coach and would like to tune it myself if that's something an amateur smith like me can do. So far I've been able to do some simple things like replace springs on my Vaqueros and tune up a Colt clone. I've also disabled the ejectors on a BSS so I can handle some of the simple stuff. Before I start fiddling with the CZ I'd prefer to view a video of someone doing a full disassembly or at least find a diagram or an instruction manual that gives a lot more information than the manual included with the shotgun. Anyone know where I might be able to find something like that? If those with more experience think that's something I shouldn't do myself a pointer to an experienced smith in the Twin Cities, MN area would be greatly appreciated. many thanks Apothecary Pat
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