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  1. Yep, it's legal in all categories except Frontiersman, which still must maintain Cap & Ball configuration. Loading and unloading at the LT and UT are just as you described.
  2. Shameless, They make 3 wheeled electric carts for golf clubs that resemble the 3 wheeled carts commonly used is SASS, and look like they will fit in the trunk of your car or back of an SUV. This site has many, and they vary greatly in prices. The lower priced units look like they may suit your needs: https://www.readygolf.com/equipment/carts/motorized-golf-carts/
  3. Reminds me of the Clampett's 1921 Oldsmobile pickup truck. Just needs an elevated couch in the bed.
  4. Here's my riding mower. Doubt they'll make an electric version any time soon.
  5. I'll take the two brown holsters at the bottom of the page, Lawdawg. Send the payment details to my email.
  6. If I'm spending 4.5 million, I want a B52.
  7. I just want it to be on the record that, no matter how much I endorse Outlaw Bullets, Waimea has never put a hand on me. A #MeToo, er . . . #NotMe moment.
  8. Titegroup does work well, but it is a little louder than some and have a sharper recoil  It can also be used for a 12 gauge load.

    "I was looking at the Hodgon load data website and they have loads listed using Titegroup powder, This peeked my interest as I have lots of it on hand for pistol calibers I load for. the lightest load I see they have listed is for one ounce. My question is would it be okay to use this data for a Lee 7/8 oz slug.Or would anyone know of a source of load data for 7/8 oz loads.The loads listed below are starting and middle of the road so I assume I would be ok.

    Hodgdon Titegroup Rem. 209P Rem. TGT 12 17.3 8,900 PSI 1,235 fps
    Hodgdon Titegroup Rem. 209P Rem. TGT 12 18.6 10,100 PSI 1,290 fps"


    Unique is a little dirtier but is also a great powder for both.


    Clays is a great option for 12 gauge and can be used for the 9mm.  But since it is a little fast for the 9mm, you will have to load near max for a reliable load.  My only concern is that if the pistol is new it sometimes wants a higher velocity load to break them in.  But i have shot a lot of Clyays in 9mm and it has worked well in nearly all my pistols.

    1. Marshal Hangtree

      Marshal Hangtree

      Thanks, Marauder!  That's all great information.  I appreciate it.



  9. Here's a good one, if El Cubano doesn't beat you to it:
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