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  1. I tried to get Widder to agree to go up there with me again this year but he said he has an appointment to get his hair permed. I didn't even know they permed nose hair!
  2. That's actually a nun-nun-chee. In the future they use this to keep people from lying. In fact, it will be invented in 2023 in hopes of keeping Widder honest.
  3. No. One would only be a PRAT, if they didn't pay RAPT attention to the PART of the TRAP that has a TARP on it.
  4. But if you mix the letters up you would have a TARP to put over PART of your TRAP!
  5. Widder went to the bar a while back with his monkey. While Widder sat down and had a Dr. Pepper, his monkey ran all over the place eating stuff. He jumped on the bar and ate some peanuts and some sunflower seeds and then jumped up on a pool table and swallowed the cue ball whole. The bartender started hollering and said, did you see what that monkey of yourn just did?! Widder said, naw, what'd he do? The bartender told him he jumped on the bar and ate stuff and then jumped on the pool table and ate the cue ball whole. Widder said, yeah, that don't surprise me none. That monkey eats everything. Don't worry I'll pay for the cue ball and the other stuff. A couple weeks later Widder went back to the bar with his monkey. First thing, that monkey jumped up on the bar and stuck a cherry up his butt, then pulled it out and ate it. The bartender got mad again and said, did you see what that monkey did this time?! Widder said, naw, what'd he do? Bartender told him he stuck a cherry up his butt, then pulled it out and ate it. Widder said, yeah that don't surprise me none. He still eats everything in sight but since he ate that cue ball he measures everything first!
  6. Heck, who was Lincoln offensive to? The kkk?
  7. I sure do hope y'all seen it in the women's room!
  8. Heck, that's the most excitement I get. 615-653-0291
  9. Well now I ain't gonna say how smart a Hawk is, but I ain't never heard of one asking a question about people on the wire
  10. She's a good fighter. And hotter than a prod on a cows butt.
  11. Any of yall seen Terror on the Prairie with Gina Carano yet? I seen that it's streaming from dailywire.com. She was fired from Disney for political stuff. The comments about the movie look good. I'll try to watch it tomorrow and see.
  12. Thanks PWB! Knew there had to be a reason for calling them out specifically. I'll be on the lookout for one!
  13. I have to wonder why they would call them out specifically as legal if they still had to meet all the stipulations as other manufacturers. There has to be a reason. @PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495Lprobably knows right off the top of his head why.
  14. Hey Hoss, I've sure been wrong before but I thought ALL lightnings were legal since that model is specifically called out in the SHB as being legal. Be a good clarification for PWB on the wire to make sure. I don't have one but I'd like one.
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