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  1. That's awesome! I shot probably my worst match in 4 or 5 years this past weekend at the TN State. But, I still had a blast(pun intended)!
  2. I don't know why that didn't post. If someone wants to post the actual picture, I'd appreciate it.
  3. I let Widder buy my supper tonight at the Bell Buckle cafe to make up for the big steak he got for me the last time I went to Knoxville. Most folks wouldn't have let him do that, but me being the good pard I am, I did. I'll tell y'all. Once in a lifetime will you find such a good and graceful, humble and modest person, but here I am.
  4. Meh. I've seen better. Anybody. I don't care how generous or giving with their time or how many people they help, who would associate with me just doesn't have good judgement. Plain and simple.
  5. Enjoy it while you can. Widder is on the way, if he ever finishes this Chinese food he's working on. He's been petting the Enchantress since he left Knoxville.
  6. That or someone's scared you'll ask them to borrow money. It's: 1486 Cortner Rd Normandy TN
  7. Anybody bringing me any guns to buy on Thursday? Folks usually put there wares out on the tables at the pavilion.
  8. I cant even break under 3 seconds for 6kd with a 97. Of course I cant break under 8 seconds with one neither.
  9. If I couldn't shoot a 97 faster than you, I wouldn't even shoot one. TW. One what shoots a side by side. Barely.
  10. https://www.legacy.com/news/celebrity-deaths/clarence-bud-anderson-1922-2024-last-surviving-wwii-triple-ace/
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