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  1. Out tea is made through the coffee maker as well. Easy as pie! The secret to our recipe is that not only do we put six (6) regular tea bags in the basket, but we also put two (2) special flavored tea bags as well to enrich the taste, such as: The tea container already has two (2) heaping scoops of regular sugar:
  2. In 1876, frontiersman "Wild Bill" Hickok was shot and killed while playing poker at a SALOON in Deadwood, Dakota Territory, by Jack McCall, who was later hanged.
  3. I never really paid much attention to the fact that when reading the Cartoon thread: The first Post by Badlands Beady referenced Ghost Riders which looks like this: However, at least on my android phone, when I choose a different page, or go to the end, The screen does this to the cartoon: GHOSTLY, SPOOKY!
  4. Let me clarify my OP. Would lead bullets be a sufficient self defense ammo when used to fend off a home invasion perp? The reason I'm asking, is that with the current shortage of ammo in the 9mm, 357 and 38 special category, I find it interesting that Cowboy lead Ammo is readily available. Should I stock up on my supply instead? Serves a dual purpose. Which of these choices would do the best in the above scenario?
  5. What do you call a 100 year old ant? Antique
  6. Not sure if this question was previously addressed , but thought I would ask anyway. We shoot lead bullets in SASS at metal targets. What would be the damage difference to a human between shooting a perp with a 9mm Springfield XDS, and a Ruger Vaquero with our 38 cal 158g lead Ammo?
  7. Kit was feeling weary from this long journey from Tombstone, but nearing his destination gave him a fresh jolt of anticipation. He was hoping the lead that Ranger Miles had given him after he left the town of Tarrant to join a new Ranger outfit, would come to fruition. His thoughts went back to those good times, testing Ryes’ shooting accuracy and making him a Deputy Ranger, even though he returned the badge before leaving Tarrant. This has not been an easy trip to make; however, the search for those who killed his family would never end until punishment was meted. Being a GOD-fearing man, he was beyond redemption now, knowing that “… with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” He had left Tombstone going NW following the Santa Cruz River passing through Tucson, and Phoenix, then due north to Prescott, a long 12-day ride. Orion, ever the champion, made it look easy; however, Kit realized that they both needed some long-deserved rest if they were to make it to East Fork. Upon arriving in Prescott, Kit went immediately to the Sheriffs’ Office to let him know he was in town, and what his plans were. The Sheriff recommended a Boarding House and after a nice hot meal and a bath, which was just what he needed to rejuvenate his fatigued body, he decided to stay in Prescott an extra day. Orion was being well tended to by the local farrier, who trimmed and balanced his hooves and replaced his shoes. Being the dominant political center of the Territory, Prescott was protected and influenced by the presence of nearby Fort Whipple, named for Lieutenant Amiel W. Whipple. It was well-known that he had established the first access routes to nearby goldfields. Having been well rested, Kit left Prescott, and made a point to stop by Ft. Whipple for a short visit before making his way through Yavapai County to the Little Colorado River, which eventually joined with the Colorado River. He soon found himself in No Man’s land following the Green River which juxtaposed from the Colorado heading due north. Another 12 day ride and Kit took respite at Crescent Junction on the north side of Cottonwood Creek before they skirting the Uintah Mountains and crossed the Utah/Wyoming border. The southwestern Wyoming territory was suddenly interrupted by a string of multi-colored buttes, carved over time by the Green River. Their majesty was a thing to behold, and Kit took pause to appreciate their splendor. After this last 13 day ride, he would stop in Green River City before heading to East Fork. A days rest and Kit was heading due East passing through Bitter Creek, a small section town founded by the Union Pacific Railroad, basically a water and whistle stop. He then crossed the Continental Divide, and through Rawlins Springs. Kit heard stories about this town and how it got its name. It was told that General John A. Rawlins, in command of the troops surveying the route of the first trans-continental railroad, expressed a wish for a drink of good, cold water. Scouts had found a spring and having taken a drink, the General declared, “If anything is ever named after me, I hope it will be a spring of water.” The town then bore his name. Next stop……East Fork.
  8. Kit was unaware how long he had been asleep. The days ride took it's share of his energy, draining him to the point of true exhaustion. Were it not for the dire warning that Orion just gave him, he surely would have remained in slumber. With the quickness he had grown accustomed, he pulled his S&W revolver from its holster which was coiled like a rattlesnake ready to strike, he thumbing the hammer, hearing the all familiar "click" of the cylinder rotating, aligning the next round of death, and praying to himself, "Lord, please forgive me for what I am about to do." Remaining still, as if life had left him, his eyes peered under his wide brimmed hat searching the dark for whatever had startled Orion. Nothing? This was not like Orion to give false alarms. With his vision now growing more acclimated to the darkness surrounding him, Kit looked not in the area where Orion stood, now slinging his head up and down in a bobbing motion whilst tramping the deep snow with his front hoove, but to his right. There in the distance, just beyond the tree line, a Grey Wolf! Without a second thought, Kit raised slightly, turning to his right, and with total disregard for someone hearing the gunshot and possibly finding his location, he purposely aimed low and to the right, missing his target, yet fending off the danger. This one will live another day. Too awake now to fall back to sleep, and with the fire no longer providing any warmth, he decided to make plans for heading out, albeit earlier than he had wished.
  9. Here's a novel thought... In your WILL, donate to the SASS Club of your choice to be given either individually or as a package to new members.
  10. What about those knife collections? Decisions...decisions..
  11. The long days ride took it's toll on him, and though he should have fallen fast asleep by now, his mind would not let him. Even Orion, ever restless, especially at night, kept watch for any dangers that may be lurking in it's midst. A true companion, this gentle black splash stallion was the only one Kit could rely on. Orion was never tied up, for he would protect Kit from any harm, and never leave his presence. Kit's thoughts soon drifted to the events of this last year of his life and although the flickery flames of the fire did keep him warm, at least on the outside, his heart was still cold. He had finally made it to Stone Creek, albeit of his own willing. Not one to meddle or interfere into the business of others, there were those that perceived him as a threat. Though he appeared to be a stranger to them, they would not remember the young boy who lived with his grandfather on his ranch outside of town. Besides, he had business of his own to attend to in town anyway, not that it mattered to them, even if they knew. He had stopped by the Land Office, to see one J. Mark Flint, Attorney At Law. You see, I came with a deed to 200 acres of land at the base of Badger Mountain just outside of Stone Creek I had inherited from my grandfather who had obtained the rights to the land long before Stone Creek became a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere.
  12. The winter wind was now whipping the heavy falling snow into a blinding curtain of white that made it difficult for Kit to even see the black mane of Orion as he made his way through the tall, narrow pass on his way to East Fork. He couldn’t recall the last hot meal he had, and even the thought of such a meal made his stomach twist into a knot even more. He decided he must find shelter soon and make camp before darkness falls. They prodded along for what seemed like hours, and even though the snowstorm had now stopped as quickly as it started, it yielded no comfort to him as his numb fingers seemed frozen to Orion’s reins as one. The gaping opening at the end of the pass was now in sight, and soon they found themselves facing an open range. Some 50 yards further, a small grouping of mesquite seemed like a reasonable place to make home for the night.
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