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  1. Not a word was spoken on the ride back to East Fork, as Kit was lost in thought as to who may have wanted him dead. When they finally arrived, stopping in front the doc's office, Venus exited the Surrey and began to come around the other side when the doc's assistant, Brodie stormed out of the office onto the boardwalk to assist her in getting Kit out of the Surrey and into the office. "What happened to this stranger, Miss Lardy?" "He was shot and was blessed enough to have not died. He's hurt bad though so I need Doc Waite to check him out." Upon entering the office, the stench of blood p
  2. Looking down at him, a soft smile became noticeable as the edges of her mouth slowly curved upward, lips still pursed, until she spoke. "You are truly one blessed man, Mr. Garth. You've been shot, and by the grace of GOD, avoided death at the hands of some cowardly soul." As he raised his left arm to just above his waist to where he felt the stinging pain, she quickly grabbed it, lowering it back to his side again. "You'll not want to mess with it right now until we can get you to town to have the doc look at it", she insisted. Her touch was ever so soft and all he could do was take in the mom
  3. “Bang, Bang, you’re dead!” Kit shouted exuberantly, as he placed his thumb hammer down on his index finger barrel of the imaginary Colt revolver, lifting it just in front of his lips and blowing softly, then calmly sliding it into his front pocket holster. Peering out from the dilapidated board-on-board fencing that once barricaded their cattle, Clayton returned fire followed by, “No you didn’t! You couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, even if you tried.” Before either could get another word out, came the sound of mama calling from the house. “You boys get in here and washed up for din
  4. A Cat In The Pocket Cat Lovers Men Black Cotton T Shirt
  5. When he arrived at the livery he was met by Shorty the blacksmith who the Marshall had recommended when he first arrived in East Fork. " Going for a ride? " Shorty inquired. "That I am." Kit responded. With that the blacksmith turned and disappeared down the long line of stalls, reappearing only moments later with Orion, handing his lead rope to Kit. "As you directed, I gave him a bath, brushed him out, changed his shoes and fed him. Oh, and I gave him the carrots you had requested, which he seemed quite pleased to get." "Thank you for taking good care of him for me," Kit said as he reache
  6. Kit changed directions and headed to the row of businesses on the adjoining street and to the small telegraph office he had seen when he first arrived in town. Stepping into the office he was met at the counter by a short, stout gentleman in a collarless shirt and dark green vest. His eyes were pitch black, the size of gold coins, easily seen by the overly magnified glasses he was wearing. Without any head covering, the shiny baldness of his head made his overall appearance that much more bewildering. "How may I help you this day," the telegrapher queried. "I'd like to send a telegram if I
  7. The two Rangers were glad they were able to reminisce about past events, even though their meeting occurred at the oddest of times. Kit had inquired of Jack who these other fellows were that he was associating with. Turns out the tall one that handled the three men who accosted the redhead, was Ben Ward, who goes by the nickname Doc, and is a landowner for whom Jack is working for as a cover while hunting this Lefty character. The one who rides the mule is his best friend, Linn Keller. Keller's land borders Doc's ranch. The last gentleman in the pearl grey hat is an old friend of Keller, a for
  8. Kit's mouth opened so far; a Wells Fargo stagecoach could have gone straight through it. Realizing how he must have looked, he quickly closed it now waiting for Venus to explain. Instead, she merely stood there letting him compose himself while she took in his discomfort. With the anticipation exhausted, she proceeded, "Apparently, you're a descendant of the Garthe family from Norway. Your grandfather, Christen Isachson Garthe, immigrated to the United States in 1842 and settled in Kentucky where carpentry was his trade. He bought stock in the Union-Pacific railroad and they later gave hi
  9. "So, what can I do for you Mr. Kit? Venus asked, now seated comfortably in her chair, arms folded on her lap. "Please call me Kit, my last name is Garth. I've recently been handed a deed to some land around here and I wish to confirm that it's a valid claim before deciding what I want to do with it." He then proceeded to reach into his vest pocket, pulling out the yellowed, folded paper that J. Mark had given to him, unfolding it, and laying it on the desk in front of Venus. Moving forward, she pulled opened the right-hand drawer and retrieved a magnifying glass, and pulling the pape
  10. Kit was not expecting the voice on the other side of the door, he heard a woman’s voice say “How may I help you?” “I’m in need of verifying a land deed that was just provided to me,” Kit replied, still rattled, and stumbling with his speech. With that, there was a brief moment of silence, then the slow unlatching of the lock, turning of the doorknob and a small, but usable opening of the door so as to only allow conversation. “I’m not open for business yet, could you come back in say an hour?” she replied. Not wanting to be rude, Kit apologized for the interruption; however, insisted that this
  11. Although he was a stranger in this town, Kit apparently was not a stranger to acquiring large pieces of property through deed transfers. Having seen J. Mark at his door was a shock, especially after their last encounter. Kit had found him to have an initial reaction to strangers that, let's just say, leaves a lingering taste in your mouth that no matter how hard you try taking your tongue and rubbing your mouth and lips, it won't go away. Maybe, he thought, he was wrong about him. Grabbing his hat, and stuffing the recently acquired deed into his vest pocket, he headed downstairs, out onto t
  12. Having only arrived in town recently, Kit left the livery heading for the Boarding House, stepping from the boardwalk onto the dusty street and then through a short cut behind the stables. As he approached the boarding house, Kit heard voices coming from an adjacent lot. There he saw four men discussing troubles they were having with the Town Marshal. They were making threats that they would kill him on sight the next time they saw him. One of the men even suggested taking out all the lawmen in town. Concerned for their safety, Kit continued to the boardwalk in front of the Boarding House
  13. German Shepard realizes owner is no longer behind him!
  14. Kit took a long pause, more for effect than it was to aggravate his host, as he could see UB was chomping at the bit for details of how he had disposed of three criminals single handed. So as to not hold him in limbo any longer, Kit proceeded to delve into his story. "I had followed their trail for some time until they eventually split up. A single set of tracks headed due north whilst the other tracks headed straight to Tarrant, Arizona. Being familiar with the Arizona territory, I set my sights in that direction. When I arrived in town, I found out that the Brett Black gang were
  15. “I've traveled a great distance to follow up on a lead I was given by a good friend and fellow Texas Ranger, Rye Miles. Ever heard of him?” Kit inquired. UB replied “Can't say that I have, although we don't get many visitors around these here parts. Life is simple, which is how we like it. Makes my job much easier. So you're a Texas Ranger?” “That I am”, Kit replied, almost as if he was ashamed of the title. “You see, after my wife and son were killed two years ago, I swore I would catch the four men who did it and make them pay dearly with their lives. As a man seeking revenge, I swore
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