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  1. I'm surprised the flag and utility poles were even noticed.
  2. I'm curious about what favors were handed out by Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats to Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg so that those backing them would help push Crazy Joe past Bernie Sanders. With the pack of Democrats all vying for Delegates, anyone left in the race along with Crazy Joe and Bernie is only pulling votes away from Biden. By endorsing Biden, Amy and Pete backers will vote for Biden. And then there is the STOP BERNIE SANDERS Movement: https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/02/politics/bernie-sanders-joe-biden-super-tuesday/index.html DISCLAIMER: (Even though it comes from "Fake News" CNN, it still has some merit)
  3. This is Avi Kaplan who used to be a member of the group PENTATONIX. He can produce what are called polyphonic overtones which is a voice technique where one person sings two notes at the same time. This is the original PENTATONIX:
  4. Happy 175th birthday to Florida today! The Sunshine state became the nation’s 27th state on March 3. 1845.
  5. At age 4, success is………………………………..not peeing your pants. At age 12, success is ……………………………..having friends.At age 20, success is………………………………having sex.At age 35, success is………………………………money.At age 60, success is………………………………having sex.At age 70, success is………………………………having friends. At age 80, success is………………………………not peeing your pants.
  6. An icon of Australian surfing culture from the 1970's. Known as the "Pig of Steel".
  7. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/01/us/new-york-pizza-dog-adoption-boxes-trnd/index.html
  8. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/298249-a-strapping-question/
  9. It's called SHRAPNEPHOBIA. And, no I'm not afraid of sharp objects.
  10. For those loved ones, significant others, or close to you (be it a sister, brother, mother, father, etc.) that you talk to on the phone more on a daily basis than occasionally (although it still applies), curiosity got the best of me when signing off, or otherwise ending the call, as to the expression you use to do so. For example, do you say "Goodbye", "Talk to you later", "Love you" (where appropriate), or just hang up. The reason I raise this is based on the premise that, GOD forbid, that's the last time you get to talk to them! "Goodbye" is so foreboding, as if you will never talk to them again. "Talk to you later" seems informal. Just pondering.
  11. @Alpo, Here is the conversation from the show: Derek Morgan : Is that barbed wire? Penelope Garcia : Indeed it is, arranged to fit like a noose. Derek Morgan : How do you wrap that into a noose? Penelope Garcia : I guess it's the same way that porcupines make love. Very carefully.
  12. Widder: Like you, I do find these types of issues interesting and intriguing. Since this was posted, I have already been doing some research.
  13. Same episode of . Loner living in he woods in his rundown mobile home. It's nighttime, dark, and while inside, hears a noise coming from outside the trailer. Grabs his double barrel shotgun, opens the trailer door and steps out onto the uncovered porch. Holding the shotgun with both hands, finger on the trigger, he sweeps the outside looking for the source of the noise. Out of nowhere (actually from the villain standing on the trailer roof) a barbed wire noose drops around the loner's neck and he is yanked up off his feet. He drops the shotgun, and you then hear a . His body is dropped to the porch; however, he is now uniquely looking backwards permanently on his body! QUESTION: In this situation, would you, without knowing you were going to be yanked off your feet with barbed wire around your neck, be quick enough and able to not drop the shotgun, and aim behind you and pull the trigger before you die?
  14. NOTE: Easier to understand the translation when using " 'em " instead of " them " ICM - I see 'em
  15. That depends: (two plus four) times two equals twelve two plus (four times two) equals ten
  16. That was my thought; however, it came past the 15 second mark. Like the husband in the episode, most would also panic and end up not acting quick enough. Of course, knowing how disorganized we guys can be, even knowing a pair of wire cutters, pliers or leatherman would do the trick, we couldn't put our hands on it fast enough. I'm sure the villain in the episode intended for the husband to view the demise of his wife.
  17. The response that Charlie T. Waite gave in a post yesterday brought this to mind. Watching an old episode of there is a scene in which a husband comes home to hear his wife's muffled screams from their garage as the sound of a car engine revs up and busts through the garage door from inside. Arriving at the inside of the garage, with the car now barreling down the dirt road, the husband sees his wife laying on the garage floor. Her mouth is taped shut, her feet are tied with a heavy rope with the other end attached to a large upright freezer. She has a barbed wire noose around her neck which is attached to a very long pile of heavy chain. The other end is attached to the bumper of the now speeding vehicle. As the chain unwinds, she continues to scream while frantically flailing about. You only have less than 15 seconds left until the chain is completely unwound, pulling everything tight and eventually decapitating her...... This is your garage, so you know where everything should be! What would you do? First: List the answer you came up with within 15 seconds of reading this. Then: List the answer after you had plenty of time to think about your options, the time it would take to accomplish it and whether it would work.
  18. @Utah Bob #35998, Just don't visit the Picasso museum, especially after you've had a few beers!
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