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  1. I would recommend contacting those who handled the previous Presidents' Birth Certificate.
  2. Michigan Slim: Here in Florida the "Lemon Law" does not cover modifications, and also applies only to new vehicles not resale leased ones. I thought the same thing you did until I checked.
  3. ... and you would knock on people's doors and then run away before they answered? Well, guess what? They're Hiring.
  4. Badlands, It's happening everywhere. I still say there is something the military is not telling us. There have been several such sighting here in Florida as witnessed below:
  5. Pat: When you get a call first thing in the morning and you are awaken from a good night's sleep, does your phone still recognize you? Maybe this helps what I meant!
  6. Badlands: My best guess is based on simple math: Sesame Street is a Kids Show Perverts watch Late Night TV Sesame Street on Late Night TV = Perverts watching it!
  7. Calamity: IMHO it would depend on the Make, Model, year and mileage on the vehicle and if none of these are of significant value then I would go with Rye's suggestion.
  8. WELL DONE! Did you say the starting lines so everyone could understand them?
  9. Not that Oscar...Nobody watches those. This OSCAR:
  10. Maybe he/she feels down on their luck. AND WOULD LIKE TO HAVE IT BACK!!
  11. Don't know the outcome of the movie, but if the actor(s) I don't care for get shot by the very guns they are against, I'm all on!
  12. I've ALWAYS opened doors for anyone because that was how I was raised. I call men Sir and women Ma'am because that was what I was taught. If referencing any official its by their title, be it Officer (police), Military (by rank), or any other title such as Commissioner, Senator or Mayor. It's called respect! Something sorely missed on these recent generations.
  13. @Alpo, We'll need a judge to determine who won this shootout!
  14. Sixgun: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/michigan-morgue-denies-fake-news-report-that-employee-cremated-while-taking-a-nap/
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