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  1. Even I have my own sense of humor.
  2. Doc: You are correct. The condition in RED as I could not see both sights well enough to line them up. Blackfoot: Squirrel, Armadillo, Rabbit and Opossum are the primary culprits to our yard bringing in fleas and ticks. Our two girls are AKC registered American Cocker Spaniels and although they are a member of the Sporting Group we prefer they not tangle with wild animals, especially with the possible threat of rabies. A rabbit run out of the yard will return later, whereas a dead rabbit will not.
  3. Dutch: Thanks for the reminder. Fortunately we live in an unincorporated area of Lake County. All shots are aimed downward at grass for safety reasons and clear of any possible ricochets. One day the underground sprinkler system will come on and it will leak like a sieve.
  4. So we have the occasional rabbit, opossum or armadillo invade our fenced in back yard. Before we let our two girls out to do their jobs, we check to make sure the "coast is clear". Last night, this check revealed a rabbit. Went back into the house, advised my wife who proceeded to get the flashlight while I retrieved my Henry .22 rifle. We were fortunate that the rabbit had not moved from when I initially spotted it, and after I had gotten as close as I could without spooking it, my wife shone the flashlight on the rabbit while I lined up the sights on my Henry. (NOTE: We also have a halogen light in the back yard that provided initial lighting) Here was my dilemma: Even with the halogen light and the flashlight, I could not accurately get the sights aligned as the area I was standing was still in the dark. Needless to say, I fired, the rabbit turned its head and stuck out its tongue before it disappeared into the darkness. My wife called it a "MISS" ! My Henry, even with stock sights, is alarmingly accurate (credit the shooter ); however, this is the only instance I can think of where shooting in the dark was involved. What changes can I, or should I make to the sights to eliminate this situation and what, if anything, have you done to your Henry .22 to alleviate this issue. Your assistance is greatly appreciated as I cannot afford another missed opportunity. My shooting skills will become fodder for the varmint community.
  5. Every month when the utility bill arrives, the company (SECO) includes a little newsletter pamphlet. This month the topic was Solar Power. But after reading all the articles included in the flyer, they seem to be contradicting themselves. The first article on Solar Power suggests that our property be reviewed by one of their "specialists" to check for obstructions. But then later in the flyer on a seemingly different topic of landscaping, they are suggesting the need to plant said obstructions in order to reduce your utility bill. Are they for or against Solar Power?
  6. Another pilot with "skills", at least as far as sky writing is concerned. Not too sure about his piloting abilities.
  7. Gave you both a although I didn't notice them either. Feel free to give me a response as well.
  8. The slow down resulted in a lot of readers who became frustrated with the amount of time it took to get in and out of the Posts and Threads and decided to wait it out. During the period from last Wednesday (02.13.2019) until yesterday at 5:00 PM there were a lot of fun and interesting Posts that made by those of us who weathered the situation. Here are just a few. You may want to go back through to see what you missed.
  9. Maybe we'll get a shot from Utah Bob's window. No herd this time, just one dear.
  10. Disclaimer: It's not recommended that you drink and drive, but if you do, drive responsibly.
  11. Did I forget to mention that's in Celsius ! Should get to 84 degrees Fahrenheit today.
  12. @Sixgun Sheridan, Maybe ... ; however, whenever I think softwear I think of .
  13. When I posted a response to Utah Bob's Thread titled "Spring", I used a video of the old Slinky that most of us were aware of from our youth. However, apparently they have morphed into a version that can do things we never would have imagined. Watch this Vendor as he first gives one to the young girl to get started and then at the :29 sec mark, see what he can do with it!
  14. Expert chainsaw carver Jeffrey Michael Samudosky used part of a dead redwood tree to create his incredible sculpture.
  15. Here was the answer you were looking for. Sometimes it’s hard to determine what version of the word you are looking for from us. drivel
  16. Sometimes it’s hard to determine what version of the word you are looking for from us. Your answer lies within. @Tyrel Cody - With the slow Forum, my response came in just behind you.
  17. I remember in my youth training my spring as well, as I'm sure you did too! Miss those days. A Spring in Training Video:
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