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  1. @Subdeacon Joe, IMHO, it's all about actual straw PLACEMENT!
  2. Only because I like the way the British say it... My apologies to Ms. Allie Mo, as I did not see her reply.
  3. @Duffield, SASS #23454, There will be more to come... … they like to be pampered!
  4. DO NOT ADJUST YOUR COMPUTER/PHONE - The video below was filmed at HIGH Speed.
  5. All I can add is that it does require that the person performing said transfusion has the right instruments.
  6. and came upon the following sign... I mean seriously, wouldn't you want to just keep on drinking?
  7. There are many words that could replace the words "cattle thief". Duffer is commonly associated with our friends from Down Under". My guess would have been our good pard:
  8. Waiting for the Forums to get back to normal! Becoming IMPATIENT can lead to becoming an
  9. Probably that new woofing specialist they brought in from the shelter. What's his name...Oh yeah, Ben Barker.
  10. Going to try this on my end to see if it'll make my internet go faster!
  11. ... then try these DAD BAGS! Several different styles to choose from. You can carry your beer, personal items or even your gun. Heck, shooting CAS you could even put extra rounds of ammo in it. (since they will be on your person)! NOTE: Just be sure your shot shell belt is above below the belly button.
  12. I'm ready to throw the 1st Amendment under the bus and go back to rationing.
  13. Shotgun, You beat me by a hare. Had the same website set to post.
  14. … which freezer to buy to hide the bodies in! There's a size for every type of killer.
  15. " Honey, please come to bed! Someone from SASS will let you know when the Forums are back up to speed. "
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