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  1. Cold Lake Kid, Young during the King's reign or when you first heard about it?
  2. Most of the times these strategies don't work in reality. Take sports for example. Boycotts don't seem to work, as those who give it up are merely taken up by those who were missing out.
  3. What's even more ridiculous is when parents decided to make their child more unique by changing the spelling of their name. Mary - Mari Sherry - Sherri Amy - Aimee Hailey - Haylee Jacob - Jaykob
  4. If we were not going to stay in Florida, we'd probably consider Area 51! I hear the government won't let anyone or anything in, even hurricanes.
  5. @Utah Bob #35998, Agreed. Land elevation is a primary prerequisite. We would remain inland near where we currently live.
  6. Might need to consider this one. Any thoughts? https://www.henryusa.com/shotgun/garden-gun-smoothbore-22/
  7. So during the anticipation of Hurricane Dorian's approach, my wife and I have been discussing the features we would like to have on our final retirement home, if we had one custom built. Obviously living in Florida and having the ability to sustain hurricane force winds we began making our list. We'd have a concrete room built in the middle of the home to hunker down in during a tornado or direct hit from a hurricane. Comfort and room for supplies would be considered. Installation of a whole house generator system would be included as well to offset any power outages. Foam insulation in walls and attic for energy efficiency throughout the year. Hurricane shutter system installed. This is where doing some quick research on line, I originally thought that having Hurricane resistant windows installed in lieu of normal windows and possibly eliminating the need for a hurricane shutter system was the smart thing to do. Hurricane resistant windows have two sheets of glass that have a polymer sheet between the glass panels. This design ensures that should the window get hit, although the glass will break, your house would not be suseptible to the high winds that could eventually raise the roof off your house. This didn't seem to be cost effective since you would have to replace any window that was broken. More importantly, after seeing the following video, I don't believe it's a great idea if firemen cannot gain access to your home to fight a fire. What are your thoughts?
  8. Sometimes during stressful times a little humor can ease the tension. Hurricane Dorian latest detailed path.
  9. @Alpo, You need to order one of these to solve your ant problem.
  10. Although I've never seen them I still believe they could exist! Still holding out and that list also iincludes: Santa Claus Easter Bunny Tooth Fairy Leprechans
  11. @Forty Rod SASS 3935, I gave you a on your post as opposed to giving you a as it may have been misinterpreted. So I am giving you a big For your analysis of what you learned. That was hilarious stuff. Thanks.
  12. @Lawdog Dago Dom, It was Season 2 Episode 6. No available video that I could find on short notice, except what you need to purchase. Here is some information regarding same. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0512594/ @Cypress Sun, Actually this one photo shows Barney getting a manicure from Barbara. Lawdog may need to reconsider.
  13. 11:00am update. Dorian still moving at 1mph westwardly ith wind speeds at 155mph and downgraded to a Cat 4. Waiting for the turn to the north. Boarded up already, RV ready to go if power is lost..
  14. Thanks for the compliment Tyrel. Many did not know the extent of Howard Morris and his ability to make people laugh. Playing "Uncle Goopy" in one of the most celebrated comedy sketches in history, on Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows (1954) is just one example. What many fans may not realize is that the Southern voice of Ernest T. — a redneck from the hills outside Mayberry who descends into town mainly to cause trouble, sometimes by literally tossing rocks —is completely of Morris' invention, as are all of Ernest T's many hilarious mannerisms. Morris said he does everything the audience would like to do, bad behavior, and gets away with it, so that appeals to them, and it’s funny!" (Father Kit's goal as well.) So if Ernest T. Bass has never failed to make you laugh, here's some news to make you smile more: Because viewers reacted so positively to Bass, Morris was allowed to take the character to all its most hysterical extremes.
  15. I believe he may have been an accomplice. No way anyone would be that calm.
  16. There's no better feeling than laying next to the person you love, and they don't know that you love them, or that you're in their house again!
  17. Florida is bracing for a possible direct hit from Hurricane Dorian over the weekend. Loading several posts to the SALOON forum today as WiFi and Internet connections may get lost as the storm approaches. Boarding up the house today and tomorrow and getting ready to hunker down. See you on the other side.
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