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  1. .. you turn 100 and can't play with LEGOs anymore.
  2. The other day, I was under my desk plugging in my new computer, when I happened to spot a few peanuts that I must have dropped who knows when. Can't say how old they were, but they tasted just like they came right out of the can. Does that count? Seriously, the only prepped items I've tried, I made sure the lid was not popped!
  3. Back on November 24, 2018 Dorado posted the following thread regarding Craigslist: Below is an example of being careful of what you are getting ready to buy. RIDE ON MOWER, Used - $50
  4. @Birdgun Quail, SASS #63663, Since we are sharing pics, took this one when I went home for lunch. Enjoyed a cold glass of ice tea and a tuna burrito by the pool.
  5. @Alpo, Actually it's a MasterCard Debit Card and can be used anywhere. Much easier IMHO than having a check that needs to be cashed or deposited.
  6. Thanks for the pic's Bob. Snow always looks it's best when sipping drinks on the beach watching the waves.
  7. Saw this book at an estate sale and thought I would pass it along. I'm assuming that the gentleman who passed, didn't fair well using this method.
  8. Back on February 4th, Alpo posted the following thread: Just wanted to follow-up on a rebate that I had applied for back on Dec 20th about 9 weeks ago. But I got the $20 Visa Card as expected.
  9. Pat: I have seen my share of those too!
  10. One of the many groups that shone during that era. It's been said that they represent the first "Boy Band", as the group was formed specifically for the TV Show "The Monkees". Newspapers and magazines reported that the Monkees outsold the Beatles and the Rolling Stones combined in 1967! One of my all-time favorites was this one:
  11. Alpo, Did the Saints play in this last Super Bowl? NO Does Drew Brees play for the Saints? YES Therefore, there was no Brees (breeze)
  12. Here we have Human Nature summed up in one picture.
  13. Eyesa: And that's in slow motion. I have seen them run at full steam, hit the fence with a resounding "clang" and they're through the fence. First time I saw it happen, it was so fast that they seemed to merely disappear on the other side of the fence. Figured it was one of those bunny's the magician pulls out of it's top hat. Now you see me, now you don't.
  14. Ms. Allie Mo: Still trying to acquire funding to build the wall fence! Actually we already have a fence which is chain link. Squirrels use the giant oak tree branches to breach the yard. Armadillos dig under the fence. Rabbits, if you can believe it, can actually squeeze through the chain link fence!
  15. Smoken D: My main concern with a shotgun is the noise. Still trying to be courteous to neighbors that will hear any loud gun shot. The closest neighbor to me complained years ago when I was using a 22 revolver. The Henry rifle is much quieter , just a few decibels above a BB gun.
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