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  1. Alpo posted a thread titled "Horticulture question" in which he was trying to identify a weed type plant with orange flowers that mimic a dandelion. I immediately went to GOOGLE to see if I could find an answer for him and made the mistake of typing: And the result was: (Orange Bud Weed)
  2. Whether the newscaster is stating it's a crash or an accident, what I find funny is when they are through reporting the incident they always end with: " Mary Robins, FOX 5 News reporting LIVE from somewhere in the city". Unless she's a zombie, I would assume she is LIVE not DEAD. ..and yes, I know it's said to distinquish between LIVE or TAPED. Just say'in.
  3. ...or my favorite. For those romantic evenings with the Mrs.! Nothing says, "I want to give a part of myself to you".
  4. Pat, Indeed. However, I fear some of these may become a reality in the near future. You'll especially like the reading a good book during a leisurely motorcycle ride.
  5. @Trigger Mike, This is considered a Class B+ RV. It comes between the Class B (think Roadtrek) and Class C (Sunseeker). I prefer the looks of the front of the B+, as the cab over seems to be aerodynamically lacking.
  6. Haven't ventured out to a match far enough away to use it; however, when we do, ours will come in handy.
  7. Sometimes, seeing is believing. And to tug at your heart strings....
  8. Continued prayers for our soldiers, who put their lives on the line so that we may enjoy our freedom at home.
  9. So yesterday, three (3) events happened...... 1. More than a dozen missiles hit U.S. bases in Iraq https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/iran-live-updates/2020/01/08/c835c218-31a0-11ea-9313-6cba89b1b9fb_story.html 2. Ukrainian plane carrying 176 crashes outside Tehran, killing all on board https://www.foxnews.com/world/ukrainian-plane-crash-tehran-iran-180-passengers 3. Earthquake strikes near a nuclear power plant in Iran https://www.newscenter1.tv/earthquake-strikes-near-a-nuclear-power-plant-in-iran/ Coincidence??
  10. @Yul Lose, Please pass this on for me.
  11. @Sixgun Sheridan You would have to transport to the Lifetime channel and not defend yourself against an angry women and get yourself killed.
  12. Dantankerous, Don't get me started on my favorite genre, the underdog movies....Diehard - Predator - 300 - Olympus has Fallen - Independence Day (OK a lot of underdogs there) Fight scenes where the bad guys couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with an uzi, yet the good guys shoot once and take them out with a head shot. Or fisticuffs where neither party goes down after a dozen blows that even Ali or Frazier couldn't take.
  13. Maybe I need to clarify my inquiry a bit. I realize it's only a movie; however, I find it frustrating that someone whose intent IS TO KILL YOU, that once you have temporarily gained control of the situation, such as wacking them in the head with a tire iron and they go down, that you walk over to them to see if they are dead or merely hurt, and they attack you again. You already know they will KILL you if you let them. One film had a mother who was chained up in the basement with her mouth gagged by a woman who stole her baby as if it was hers, all the while living in the chained up womens house. Husband? The woman who stole the baby had already killed him and put him in a chest freezer in the basement and locked it up. When the mother was able to get free from the chains using a screwdriver, when the woman approached her later, the mother used the screwdriver to stab the woman, but failed miserably by merely stabbing her in the arm. The woman then slugged the mother and knocked her out. Why in the world would she, having only stabbed her in the arm, not pull the dang screwdriver out and try to stab the woman where it counts. Same with her neighbor who came into the house, confronted the woman and was able to hit her in the head with a fireplace poker. The woman jerked back from the blow (which apparently wasn't hard enough), turned around and went for the neighbor, ultimately grabbing the poker from her and shoving her to the floor where she proceeded to sit on her and put both hands around her neck and start choking her! And then just like everyone else in the movies who is getting choked, they grab the other person by their hands and try to pull them away from their throat. My heavens, STOP IT! Take your hands place them on the persons face and shove your thumbs into their eye sockets until you reach the nasal canal! OK, I'm through venting on this issue.
  14. Thanks Mark... and here I was going to suggest standing further away from the computer monitor!
  15. My wife watches Lifetime Movies while ironing. I'm not sure if this merely applies to just females, but a majority of these shows involve a nanny gone bad, a babysitter lusting after the husband, or the woman who wants another woman's baby. Invaritably at some point a conflict ensures either with the woman directly involved, or friends of hers. Conflict as in they will be killed! Here is my dilemma....they all appear to have the opportunity to defend themselves against the killer, either with a knife, tire iron, chair, etc., and initially fend off the person, only to stand there like a deer in the headlights thinking to themselves, "gosh, did I hurt you badly?". Lo and behold, the killer gets up and either finishes the job or at least wounds them to where they are fully incapacitated. I know it's Hollywood, or a similar ilk , but if I were defending myself against a person that has already attempted to kill me, I would not use the knife, tire iron or chair sparingly. Would you?
  16. Tex: Thanks. I believe they incorporated that allowance on the front windshield as seen in the video. What I really like is when you close and lock the vehicle, ALL the windows become shaded to keep it cooler and make it more difficult to see in by thieves. Vice versa, as you approach the vehicle they all un-tint.
  17. I have to admit that while driving into work this morning and having to pull the shade down to block the morning sun blasting through the front windshield, I thought it would be cool, if like transition eye wear, they could make your windshield do the same thing. Someone should patent this, so I looked online and guess what? It's already been done.
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