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  1. I just picked up a pair of Bisley Vaqueros in 44 Mag and love them. I shoot 44 Special for SASS & will carry Mag in the field.
  2. My all time favorite movie. My wife is a school teacher. Kicked a kid out of class & he got suspended the other kids asked what exactly he did and she told them. “I hate rude behavior … won’t tolerate it”
  3. Left to right. Dusty Sterling, Four Bucks & Me Gunleather SASS# 46543 Alaska SASS Member sense 2002
  4. Thanks for your kind words. The Vaquero gunbelt is made with DBL Mexican loop holsters. The pattern is readily available. I personally like my holsters to be about 1 1/2” to 2” longer then my barrel or close the bottom of the holster to keep snow or mud out. ( old habits from making field use holsters) They are fairly tight and very secure for our game without using hammer loops. I only put a couple cartridge on my belts now because we only load from the belt occasionally when the stage calls for only 9 loaded in the rifle. The Wild Bunch rig was for Doc Red Dog. I donated a custom
  5. Well I was finally able to get into town for a side of 10-12 here is the finished gunbelt.
  6. New guns, new holsters. In need to get into Tandy for some 10-12 oz for a gunbelt to match
  7. Soooo I was telling a pard (Martial Stone) that 10 years ago I missed a great deal on a pair of Bisley Vaqueros in 44 Mag and I’ll never find something like that again. Dangit. He replied “I know where you can get a set with sequel serial numbers. Leona Lou left all her cowboy gear with me to sell when she left Alaska.” Here they are. I’ll load 44 Special for CAS & 44 Mag for in the woods.
  8. There use to be a 3 & 5 year option. When I list my job on 08 I was glad I didn’t have to worry about SASS renewal.
  9. Been away for a while very nice work all around. Here is some projects I’ve done recently
  10. Here is my latest. I’m trading work with a local hot rod builder. He pin striped my gunleather & I’m going to do some leather highlights on a car he’s building.
  11. So my buddy 4 Bucks talked me into going to Winter Range 2021. Which naturally calls for new gunleather cause..... Here it is. What are y’all working on?
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