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  1. Abilene, I had always planned to get them engraved, but wanted something different than a lot of the other cowboy shooters. When I saw Slicks guns, I knew I wanted Eddie to engrave mine. Totes
  2. The engraving? About a month, but he had a couple small jobs ahead of me. Totes
  3. Sent my Rugers over to Eddie Viola at Smoke Wagon Engraving and he worked his magic. Copper in-lay in the cylinders to match my Copper King rig. I think they came out great! Engraving: Smoke Wagon Engraving Octagon Barrels: Snake Oil George Grips: Texas Grips Action Work: Jimmy Spurs Totes
  4. Frankly, it more about the price gouging going on! I am genuinely curious if land owners needed to increase match fees to cover the additional cost of fuel for mowing, water, electricity, taxes, etc, would we have the same reaction? The extra $8 a match is the line in the sand? I would not blame a club if they had to raise prices, in the 6 or so years I have been playing this game, I have only seen 1 club raise their monthly fees. Totes
  5. Curious… If primers returned to $40/1K and your local clubs raised their match fees by $8, would you quit shooting cowboy matches? Totes
  6. I am all set on primers, but if you run across any percussion caps.... I have heard a couple shooters mention they were almost out and were glad Tell had some for sale. If push come to shove, I would probably sell a gun to pay for primers just so I could keep shooting Cowboy. Totes
  7. Hats off to you for all the camera work you do! I know from experience how much work/time it takes to get to the end product and is the reason I stopped. Your videos are surely an asset to you, your club and SASS as a whole. Totes
  8. I went with the MVA Long Range Buffalo for my 1885 BPCR High Wall with the Magnum Hadley eye disc. Having that larger eye disc with adjustable apertures really helps! It will help with the rams at THSS. Totes
  9. Keep checking the Starline website, they come available every once in awhile. For example, .38 Special was "no backorder" for a while, then you could backorder them. I ordered 2K and got them in 3 days. You'll like the High Wall! Don't skimp on sights. Totes
  10. It was probably the best written match I've shot at the Texican Rangers (annual or monthly). Hats off to the MD's! Totes
  11. As an MD, I sure like hearing shooters say "Wow, that's the fastest clean stage I have ever shot!" The targets don't need to be car hoods, but close and easy is what I like. Totes
  12. I bought my Browning BPCR from Wayne, the author of the book. Got a signed copy. Totes
  13. If you can find one, the Browning BPCR model in 45-70 is a heck of a rifle! I was in the same boat you are in now and I settled on the Browning BPCR model and couldn't be happier. Totes
  14. I'm betting you can go even lighter. We were working on a buckarette load using Trailboss in 12ga and it just worked 'ok' since she didn't have to knock over targets, but there was a need to use 2 powders (father had one load, daughter had another). So, we experimented with regular Clays and settled on 10.9 grains and 1oz of #7.5. We liked it so much, I still shoot that load today. Totes
  15. You do it so dang well, that it sure seems like an advantage. Even with all that smoke getting in the way. I wish I could shoot gunfighter, but my left hand just won't cooperate. Totes
  16. I put MVA's on my Browning BPCR '85. Fantastic sights. They seem to be the gold standard. Totes
  17. Mine runs flawlessly! We gave one away as a raffle prize at our annual. Great little machines. Totes
  18. I bought it when I first started CAS. I quickly was able to shoot faster than the system could track. It’s also tricky to set up with the webcam and lighting in the room. I would not recommend it. Totes
  19. I've been known to shoot a match in a henley, boots, hat and jeans. I actually prefer it. The waffle pattern seems to keep the rifle/shotgun in place on my shoulder and my shotgun belt in place. I wear this at most monthly matches. At an annual, I usually throw on my chinks and wear a 'cowboy' shirt depending on the weather. Just like those that claim they have no interest in shooting sub 20 second stages, I have no interest in winning a costume contest. But I sure enjoy being around everyone at the match. I think the current rule set is just fine. Totes
  20. Geez, if they had any Photoshop skills at all, it would be hard to tell they were doctored. Let's hope they don't actually learn how to use Photoshop. Totes
  21. Thanks, I saw that. It’s over retail by about $75. Was hoping I could find one here or just wait and see if Midway or others get them back in stock. Totes
  22. I am looking for a twin for my new to me Pietta 1851 Navy Marshal. This is the white steel engraved like the picture below. If you have one just setting in the safe, let me know. Totes Picture as an example:
  23. Scores are here. https://www.thss.org/2022/03/20/2022-texas-state-championship-results-overall/?fbclid=IwAR1Jofed9nCH7SmFYFCZofujhzqDd_0IWKfSfU1r40yjCGFHSfF97TS6CK0 State Champions Listed by category https://www.thss.org/2022/03/20/2022-texas-state-championship/
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