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  1. You've got plenty of options. If you have a few basic tools around, you can file out your exising rear sight to any width or shape that suits and cut off a piece of round brass stock, use your cut off tool to cut a groove in it and jb weld it to your front sight. That's a cheap easy way to go. I always put a bigger brass sight on the guns I do if the customer wants and cut out the rear sight if they don't want to buy a buckhorn. Once you've got daylight on both sides of your front sight you're good to go.
  2. Used one for years, loved it to much to cut the barrels. Arthritis caused the sale. If you cock one hammer after the dump while loading [on the way down] and the other hammer on the way up to shoulder it'll mitigate some of the time loss.
  3. Got a rain suit and spare plastic bag on my bike with my gear. Sometimes a slicker as well. joe west
  4. Shoot it. I had 2 of those nra 44-40's. Both required I open the cylinder throats to .429 to shoot well and cleanly with soft cast bullets. Once I did that they were great.
  5. Contact EMF, that was the place I was able to source one for a customer. joe
  6. Best advice was to borrow/share one from shooters who will let you help with ammo till you determine what you want. Buy used if you can. My first rifle for CAS, no SASS club around in Ga when I first started, was a used rossi 92 in .357. Along with the other brands I've built many rossi's into match guns over the years and still use a 92 a good part of the time. The light weight of the rossi can be a plus or minus depending on you. You'll have to decide what suits your shooting style and finances and go from there. Good luck. Joe West
  7. My opinion: Put some marker or metal smith dye on your hammers, if nothing is dragging don't start shaving. We only take wood or metal off if it serves a purpose.
  8. What a great time! If you didn't have fun you just didn't want too! Thanks to all your folks that worked so hard. I still remember what it takes and this was amazing. Joe
  9. Papa Dave! Best gun cart to take on your light weight motorcycle so pretty easy in a car or truck too! http://www.papadaveguncarts.com/
  10. Well done pard. Shooting clean as frontiersman, that's the best. Joe
  11. We have a hodgepodge of contradictory laws across this country. When any government entity restricts the basic rights we formed our country under or subverts the authority of the states to govern within that framework we must disagree. And if as is the case our own governments have instilled fear to prevent any push back , legal actions such as this one bring the case out where it can be heard. So Bravo from me as well.
  12. Meeting and becoming friends with new people was our best quality. We didn't put cas matches together to give away money prizes, we came from other shooting sports, racing, or whatever seeking something different. Our gatherings were like a big reunion with new family members each time. The best matches still are. That attitude carries over to most folks that post. But any group with Isom Dart in it automatically goes up a notch. When Kid Concho , Isom ,and me were shooting together that was as good as it gets.
  13. Like Fireball I use hard cast bullets. My cartridges are loaded full case triple 7 2f , no wad standard lube, heavy bullet for caliber. Antique firearms would need a little more gentle load but modern mfg firearms, hard is better. Less leading equals less pressure build up as you shoot and easier cleaning. Less deformation of bullet gives better accuracy. It needs to fit the chamber mouths go smoothly into the forcing cone and obdurate into the rifling and it'll hit where your barrel ends up pointed.
  14. I've shot the lever revolution 44 mag in a Winchester 94. Those are good shooting rounds. The polymer tip really provides a superior ballistic bullet to safely use in tube mag guns. There's no need to guess when a company puts it resources and expertise into providing a quality product. I know from running ranges people are going to do whatever suits them and justify their actions anyway they can regardless of rules, manufacturers recommendations, and often in spite of common sense. It's human nature, most of what little knowledge I've retained is from my screw ups. In the end it's simple, I prefer everyone leave the range in as good a state of health as they had on arrival.
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