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  1. That's too light for me. Just think of them as a couple of corvette tires. We know they'll get good mileage. Joe
  2. Thanks pard. Here I thought the addition of Bob added to my credibility! Joe
  3. T. S. Don't blame you, but I won't be there, sorry. These old pieces did manage 2005 and 2006 Miss. State Frontiersman championships for me. I can't remember the other year I won there but it wasn't a Rabbit Ridge match. Anytime I have failed to win it wasn't due to these guns. They are not for show. I travel by motorcycle so weight/space are issues . I've not had a backup or needed one since I started using these. they are as good as I know how to make them.
  4. I'm lowering the price a bit, they show their use and abuse but you don't have to baby them. I'd give a buyer a 5 day inspection period to return undamaged and complete for full refund less shipping. 5 1/2" bbl, blue Ruger Old Army , pair in original boxes. I've used them as my main match guns since Ruger introduced the fixed sight 5 1/2" models. They are worn but function perfectly if fed and cared for properly. As some of you could attest having seen me use them over the years. My hands are unable to work them one handed due to my advanced arthritis and rather than use them two handed I'll go back to my old model vaqueros. I'd rather somebody else enjoy them than just hang them on the wall. Very smooth and light, all action work or mods by me. Several spare parts [mostly nipples] are included. I've shot many clean major matches in all weather with them , many wins, and quite a few trick shots. They'll serve. $1900 for the pair plus shipping to states that'll allow them or face to face. If your state or locality requires C&B to FFL that's ok but I'm not going to try and send them to CA or HI. Badlands Bob still not included at this price.
  5. I always have one. Have slicked up many for cas, hunting, or defense. They hold up great for long term use, accuracy, and action strength. Not the fastest for cas anymore but viable. I mostly shoot mine with bp subs in SASS matches. They can be fitted to use a specific range of ammo specs if needed. Joe West
  6. Papa Dave, what a great pardner. He was always a big help to me and a real inspiration. My prayers for the comfort of his family. We'll meet up down the trail.
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