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  1. I have to agree with Phantom. Call it a Marlin and call my Winchester a Winchester and my Jeep a Jeep
  2. How about $1,500.00 shipped. This is a real antique no FFL required. Irish ☘️ Pat
  3. Watch people coming in with guns for sale and ask what they want for them that is the way to get a bargain
  4. They melted lead into Doc’s cup to give it enough weight to be able to spin
  5. I purchased a new Springfield Armory 1911 Mil-Spec 45 this past August and it just is not for me. I fired three or four magazines through it and it never gave me any problems but I guess I am too used to my 38 new vaqueros. Anyone interested I am asking $680 shipped. All the extras are in the box. I can add pictures tonight. Irish ☘️ Pat
  6. He also playing a German officer on Rommel’s staff in the Desert Fox
  7. Long Hunter shooting Supply in Amarillo Tx. I enjoy having slicked up guns myself. It’s your money spend it how you like it. If you want a Colt buy a Colt and be proud of it.
  8. She said her shoe came off. For some unknown reason she opened the door and put the car in reverse and backed up on the curb. No one hurt!
  9. This happened at my bank’s drive in
  10. I had a friend in the 101 airborne and he called his shoulder patch a “puking buzzard” but guys not in the 101 better not!
  11. There is a old large stainless bird head 45 at Cabelas in Gonzales. Has all the warnings on the side of the barrel a a bout $800
  12. Anyone know where I can get some blanks for horse training? Every place I tried is sold out. Irish ☘️ Pat
  13. Just try George Stockstil in Sapulpa OK. I can’t get at it right now
  14. Doyle Stockstill in Sapulpa, OK does the octagonal barrels, Snake Oil George. Send me a PM if you want his phone number. Irish ☘️ Pat
  15. And a 38 special cartridge will slide completely down and out the barrel of a 45 lever action carbine. You can ask anyone on my posse that day! Irish ☘️ Pat
  16. Ricochet Roy, pull him up on the computer and look at his web site
  17. There were two stocks on Guns International for sale.
  18. Roy, I have a Browning 86 with a pistol grip like yours. How much for a lever wrap? Irish ☘️ Pat
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