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  1. i have a Browning. I need another carbine for hunting. Make doesn’t matter. Irish ☘️ Pat
  2. with these surgeries you will be the “Bionic Man” by the time EOT gets here. Let me know if I can do anything for you. Irish ☘️ Pat
  3. i will take them. sending you a PM, Irish ☘️ Pat
  4. how much are the suspenders? I want them if you aren’t too high. Irish ☘️ Pat
  5. Lassiter versus the Mormoms in Riders of the Purple Sage
  6. Cindy said she would rather I look at Playboy instead of “gun porn” like other men. I spend way too much on the SASS Classifieds. Put it in a holster! Irish ☘️ Pat
  7. I can use them. I will send you a PM. Irish ☘️ Pat
  8. I live on Alabama Street in Louisiana. We have tried to get our street name changed to no avail. Irish ☘️ Pat
  9. I will swap belts with them if they need a smaller size. Irish ☘️ Pat
  10. Ian sending Abilene Al a PM. i will let you know
  11. what can i do to de-parkerize an old gun? Irish ☘️ Pat
  12. Track of the Wolf, muzzleloader supply catalog has a sight that fits great and looks good, but it is hard to beat a Ruger. 10-22 sight
  13. can anyone recommend an 1897 gunsmith? I found one on the Internet called Dusty Bunch shooters in Arizona, Tom Squibber. Old Western Gun Repair, says they specialize in 97s. I never heard of them. Irish ☘️ Pat
  14. I am looking for a replacement stock for an original 1897 buttstock for my shotgun made in 1940. Anyone got a spare laying around for sale? Irish ☘️ Pat
  15. I am looking for a badge holder like the one I have. I don’t remember where I got it. Any help appreciated. Irish ☘️ Pat
  16. someone suggested Tru-Ivory but it looks like they are out of business
  17. I believe they are 45 but they have not had cartridges in them so they will hold 38s tight I am pretty sure
  18. It is called the El Paso Speed Rig Belt. retail $153 plus shipping and a long wait. I am asking $110 shipped. looks like would fit 36 to 41,wais. Irish ☘️ Pat
  19. Ruby, I just sent you a PM, Irish ☘️ Pat
  20. perfect. hard to say Ruby Red Rider give it to Red River Rudy for me! Irish ☘️ Pat
  21. I saw a nice display rack she sells for buckles. Anyone know how to reach her? Irish ☘️ Pat
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