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  1. His selection is limited but for the models he supports Uncle George's Wallet Holsters for sub-compact pocket carry are outstanding. I have had one for over 9 years with no issues. Very easy to draw from with just a little practice.
  2. Rounding errors will bite you in the arse.
  3. +1000000000000000000000000000
  4. Ejector or Extractor? Ejector fits into the left side of the receiver alongside the bolt. Extractor fits into the hole on the right side of the bolt.
  5. Missing amphibious vehicle found off California, including remains
  6. About two weeks ago went to leave work and thought the starter dragged a little bit. Next day went out and the battery was so dead it wouldn't even unlock the doors. Change under $200 for a new battery plus 30 minutes to remove it plus another 30 to get the new one back in. First time I have ever had a battery die that fast since the old Delco Freedom batteries in the late 70s. They were notorious for cracks in the connectors between the plates. Get in the truck, turn the key and nothing. Jump start it, remove the cables, let it run 30 seconds, turn it off, wait 30 seconds and when you turned the key the truck would start.
  8. The comments are worth reading
  9. Ask the Match Director. Most are very accommodating.
  10. I grew up on Lipton. Then I was introduced to Luzianne late in my teen years. Will never knowingly go back to Lipton. Used to have my mom mail boxes of Luzianne tea when I was stationed in Spain and the PRoK. As a side note the last box of Luzianne I got was not near the quality I am used to and it tends to turn after 4 days. I'll be glad when this coronavirus crap is over and food quality gets back to what it was. seems like about 3/4 of what we buy is sorely lacking in consistent quality.
  11. Not a copy as far as I can tell. They just look similar.
  12. But average Joe in the U.S. of A would probably go to jail for doing that and posting a video of it. IIRC they have already prosecuted a couple people in the U.S. for arming UAVs
  13. I suspect there is a very good reason you don't find Postels or any other round nose profile in 45-70 cast lead bullet weights below 500 grains.
  14. Been about 45 years ago but knew a couple guy that cut timber for extra cash. When they bought a saw they always purchased one rated for a bar 2" bigger than what they normally used. Had the shop install the 2" shorter bar as part of the deal. The larger motor made a big difference out in the woods. They had one saw just for cutting the occasional dead or hollow tree so that they didn't damage their good chains cutting junk wood.
  15. From another thread the S&W Shield EZ9 or EZ380 are both good options. They are designed to require significantly less effort to rack the slide than a typical semi-auto.
  16. Yes. Six shots. I inquired about +P defensive rounds and was told that the pistol was safe shooting them but that a steady diet was not recommended. Wife practices with our SASS cowboy loads and carries it with either Hornady Critical Defense or Federal PDX in all 6 chambers. They have noticeable recoil in such a small revolver but if she ever needed to actually use it the recoil would go unnoticed.
  17. I found several references that 1 grain Bullseye, Red Dot or Unique worked well in the old top breaks.
  18. Lyman 44th Edition in the 1960's
  19. For those with unique tastes in masks.
  20. Rock Island Armory DA revolver in 38 special. Can be had in 2" or 4" barrel lengths with or without a hammer spur. Exceptionally nice trigger pull and very affordable. At a glance they look a lot like the old detective specials. Bought one for the wife. Trigger pull beat the Ruger LCR hands down
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