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  1. This is what I shoot at monthly matches. However, it does not meet the standards for Pale Rider or Sultan of Smoke. Remington STS or Gun Club hull Primer of choice Claybuster CB0178-12 wad 3 cc's of Real BP or 3F APP 7/8 oz of shot Will take down every KD I have come across and doesn't break the bank.
  2. You been taking lessons from @Dirty Dog Doug ?
  3. Most clubs that shoot Cody Dixon allow a 30-30. Some may not. It would be up to the MD as to whether or not .32 Winchester Special would be allowed as it was not available prior to 1899. I will say that as MD for the Monthly Texas Ten Horns Cody Dixon matches I would allow it.
  4. Things should start getting better. With Remington on line, total us production will increase by about 30%. Now if we could just get the importers back to importing ammo and primers from Europe and Russia.
  5. I don't remember what they weighed but I don't remember them making the gun feel all that different when i tried it out.
  6. My grandson builds those kinds of rifles for a living. Lives in the Coeur d'Alene Idaho area. Lots of people backpack into the mountains and have super light weight rifles in Ultra-magnum cartridges custom built for the occasion. 7mm RUM, and 300 RUM are really popular chamberings
  7. I have a Ruger 77 chambered in 7mm Remington mag. Only rifle I have ever fired that made me flinch. I bought the rifle for sentimental reasons I'll not go into here. Took it to the local range with a box of the ammo that I got with the gun. First shot had a real kick but I have shot heavy buckshot loads as a teenager hunting coyotes so I shrugged it off. First 2 rounds could be covered with a quarter. 3rd was a little wide. Shots 4 and 5 were way wide. It was then I noticed that I was flinching. Fired one more and confirmed I was flinching. Put it in the case and switch to my 243. Fired
  8. Very similar to how I did my first gun cart. Made it modular so that it was easier to load and would fit under my bed cover.
  9. Multiple officers on the scene at the time of the shooting. Expired registration was the initial infraction. When it was ran the registered owner had an outstanding warrant. I believe that is why backup was called.
  10. Kills on one end and maims on the other.
  11. At least she didn't start a forest fire. Back in the mid 70s a knucklehead started a large forest fire attempting to burn a rattle snake that had taken up residence in his outhouse. Fire burnt several thousands of acres and destroyed a few homes. Beside his name in all the local papers the Missouri forestry department sent him a bill for over a million dollars for the cost of fighting the fire. He was also sued by several insurance companies for his stupidity.
  12. Several years ago I took my new to me 74 Sharps to the gun range to work up a load for Cody Dixon and sight in the rifle for said load. I unloaded my SASS gun cart, put the rifle in it and was getting the rest of my gear when a couple of shooters walked up and started looking over my cart. As I was rather proud of my Sharps I though it was what attracted their attention. Turned out it was my jogging stroller gun cart. They though I was the cleverest person at the range because I didn't have to make several trips to get all the necessary gear from the parking lot to the firing line.
  13. Tesla died broke for a couple of reasons. 1. He was not the best business man. 2. Others with the financial resources to do so, took advantage of #1 and made it a point to ruin him.
  14. Depends on the insert. All the ones I have first hand experience with were tailor made for the gun and were as long as the original barrels. They were 4 gauge sets so you got 5 gauges in 1 gun, (12, 16, 20, 28, .410) The first I saw was a Browning O/U set up for skeet. The same shooter also had an O/U trap gun with a similar setup. When he was on active duty he was a member of the US Navy Skeet and Trap teams. I really wanted to buy the skeet setup but didn't have the cash to do so. He did give the rest of us a lot of free coaching and pointers when he was at the Sunday aftern
  15. Where I work you don't own the patent or get any long term financial benefits from the it but your name is on it. Was the same for one other company I worked for. There was a whole wall of plaques that had the patent number and the actual inventors name on them. Edison always made it look like he was the genius that did the actual work.
  16. +100 Best penetrating oil there is. 50-50 ATF Acetone.
  17. Same reason I sold my 95 Marlin. Found an 86 with the heavy 26" octagon barrel through a friend that was NIB for a really good price. Picked it up this afternoon today. Looking forward to shooting it Saturday.
  18. That's why our lawn mower is just like Alpo's and needs a really long extension cord.
  19. I get the electric mower and chainsaw. My dad had an electric chainsaw for trimming trees. Always started when up in a tree and if you dropped it cost a lot less than his gasoline saws. However if you would have bought a battery powered mower and saw you would have issues with the battery life span due to them being inactive for long periods of time.
  20. Check out this forum. Those manifolds may be a titanium alloy and not aluminum. http://www.marineengine.com/boat-forum/showthread.php?397345-Commander-Marine-351-5-8-Engine-Manifolds-Titanium
  21. Loosen the hose clamp and remove the hose from the elbow. Now remove both pieces as a single unit. With it off the engine you can see inside and possibly formulate a plan. I suspect that corrosion is involved. Is this where the thermostat is located?
  22. It may be plentiful now, but before all the panic buying 28 ga was harder to find than 410 and just as expensive.
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