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  1. I say no as not a period correct embellishment. My but covers are roughed up on the caps. But not stick in sandpaper
  2. Hoss

    Why only the 1897?

    Because whomever started WB only had 97s and Model 12s!
  3. I have 13. I don’t know that the IJ cadet would be legal. I saw a guy shooting some sort of recent vintage IJ, had adjustable sights. I pointed out that adjustable sights weren’t legal for PP, he said they had been shooting it with no questions asked. While I don’t think the adjustable sights make a difference, thems the rules! And for want it’s worth, it wasn’t a very fast pistol. The best are the S&W. Just better made. I do have an Iver Johnson that’s ok. H&R, American, several other off brands. I even have a Merwin Hulbert. Neat pistol, but not fast. I always scout poc
  4. Hoss

    Land Run!

    I’ve heard he was the best PM ever! looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the cowpokes on #17!
  5. Hoss

    Land Run!

    Anybody know which posses stsrt Friday morning?
  6. Track of the wolf sells a pretty neat little booklet on loading BP for old guns.
  7. Hoss

    Land Run!

    I ain’t hard to find! Look forward to seeing you!
  8. Hoss

    Land Run!

    Got my posse assignment, #17. I only know 3 other shooters on the posse, so going to make some new friends. Can’t hardly wait. Gonna be doing some pre-packing this weekend, headed out Tuesday.
  9. I have a Uberti 76 in 45-60. I enjoy shooting it. I have brass cut down from 45-70 as well as some real 45-60. It feeds both, no issues. I did have trigger worked on a bit. I have a nice set of Kelley sights on it, does well out to 300 yds. After that it’s a challenge. I shoot a 305 grn Bear Creek bullet over 12.0 Unique. if you are going to cut down 45-70 brass, harbor freight has a handy little Mimi chop saw. Works well. A Pard printed a 3D jig. Easy-peasy to make brass
  10. Iif you can’t find any to buy, let me know. I have a set, I don’t want to sell them, but I’d loan them to you long enough to load up a bunch is rounds. I usually only use them 1-2 times per year, I’m load up enough to get me thru several side matches.
  11. You’re killing me Pat! I’d trade my Trapdoor and a couple of my kids for that nickel Python!
  12. No more pecking primers! 200.00 can deliver at a match in a south Texas, or at Land Run. If you want me to ship it will be actual shipping cost. as always, first “I’ll take it” gets it.
  13. I had the pleasure of shooting with Oklahoma Dee at Comancheria Days last week. For those of you that don’t know Dee he is a very accomplished shooter and is a always a favorite for not only catagory but overall at any match he goes to. Last Friday, 1st stage, first gun, he missed his holster. Dropped gun, SDQ. He cleared his guns, brought then to his cart, came back to line ready to resume posse chores. Never a sour look, a pout, or anything but smiles and helpful for the rest of the match, even though he knew he was out of the running for any awards. I hope if I ever have a simila
  14. As always, the Texican Rangers put on a GREAT match. Thanks to all the Rangers that worked so hard to let us have so much fun!
  15. Hoss

    Cody dixon

    I asked Charles Goodnight lots of CD questions over the years as he was one of the original CD shooters at THSS that basically wrote the rules. He told me they really wanted single shots to be Sharps, Trapdoors, HiWalls in rifle caliber. I asked about 44-40 as it was originally a rifle caliber and he said no. He also said no H&R Handi Rifles, as they would obviously be a gamer gun. His opinion. And I tend to agree, is that a Trapdoor Carbine (in 45-70) probably the best Single Shot rifle. Allthough the short-barreled HiWalls that are self-cockers are also pretty good. for lev
  16. Who actually “certifies” or licenses gunsmiths? If I wanted to put up a shingle ”HOSS- BEST GUNSMITH IN THE WEST” who could say no? I understand I could not ship pistols anywhere, or long guns out of state, but other than that, what are the rules?
  17. But if you get one side of the horse going, the other side is naturally going to go too!
  18. I rarely used Spurs with rowels larger than a dime. I did, in many occasions, loosen the straps to “the sidewalk notch”, so they would drag and make noise. I used to go to barn early before school, feed and maybe ride one. On more than one occasion I showed up at school with Spurs still on boots. Nowadays if probably be expelled for carrying a dangerous weapon on campus!
  19. I like 5744 for my Sharps rifle with a535 grn Bullet. But 25 grns does not come close to filling the case. for my H&R trapdoor I use 14.2 Unique with a 305 grn Bullet. For my original trapdoor I use a full case of APP or BP with a 405 grn Bullet.
  20. My mother used to fuss if I wore them at the table as they marked up the chairs.
  21. Hoss

    Plainsman question

    Cody Dixon is not Plainsman. Don’t have to shoot BP, or percussion revolvers. (Allthogh you could if you wanted too, and I certainly encourage everybody else to do so ) only real difference in CD and main match is a set of targets further out that are shot with a rifle caliber like 45-70, 38-55, 30-30 etc. can shoot Lever action or Single Shot. Typically 6 rounds. Pistols & shotgun are same as everyone else.
  22. In figured all brass hulls would shuck better due to the weight, but not so much. my favorite hulls are STS. I do have a few AAs in my box, and no real problem with them, but I prefer the STS hulls. I Mark the head of the Hull every loading, I gave some that I have loaded 10 times. I typically get 6-7 or so.
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