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  1. I got the same from Ma Bell many years ago. 17 years without a single sick day. Then had to have pituitary surgery and was out for less than 2 weeks when the Doctor wanted 6 months. Came to work sick in the following years before retirement. They asked why I wanted to retire early.!
  2. Slippery Dick makes some nice green bullets. https://slipperybullets.com/
  3. Congratulations Widder, way to go. You certainly deserve it.
  4. Our prayers will continue. Stay strong Allie.
  5. That's pretty dang funny, but can 'ya really blame 'em!!
  6. A 3" honey dipper works great as well. You can get them by the dozens on Amazon for under $15
  7. So sorry to hear this Allie. Kick it's ass for me young Lady. Prayers heading up. Eyesa & Ellie
  8. I used a bronze 1/2" bushing from the hardware store and cut it to be bit long. Squeezed in the vise just enough to hold the brass and cut with a dremel. Then trimmed on Forster trimmer. The chop saw looks way easier. The easiest now for me is an order to Starline!
  9. Oh Allie I am so sorry to see this news. Prayers heading up for successful surgery and complete recovery. Eyesa & Ellie
  10. Have fun Roy!! Missed 'ya at the Boil. It was a great time, as always. Say "Hi" to Reno.
  11. Yep, another great Boil! Thanks Hey Moe & Milo--We'll see ya again next year!
  12. I'm no help but curious as to why you ask about cartridge OAL & bullet. Why not just use your regular ammo?
  13. Things like that make me want to do things I know better to the POS. The scum do it to turtles around here. The last time I found one, I added 4 16P spikes up thru the shell and placed it back on the line. I hope the SOB enjoyed changing his tire. It left a nice curvy line in the road. Sorry.
  14. It happened to Ellie once, it's amazing how crumpled a 38 brass can get in there! She lays it port down now. I guess it's like those who don't rotate a pistol cylinder---one day there will be a high primer. Murphy's law is prevalent.
  15. Did that a couple times. Wish I could do it on purpose, then I'd actually be fast!! Surprised even me!! Didn't hit the target either with that fast second shot!
  16. Eyesa Horg

    SDQs & MDQs

    1. TO told me I was done with that pistol and I holstered it cocked. 2. Forget to remove empty brass from second pistol after repairing the first grounded one at the ULT 3. Went to my cart without visiting the ULT. Realized the moment I took my hands off the long guns. ( real bad brain fade). It was the damnedest feeling standing at my cart knowing something wasn't right, so I put the guns in the cart and instant realization. Hopefully there will be no more!
  17. Sorry Slapshot, I misspelled your alias. All fixed now!!
  18. Welcome aboard Slapshot! Hang on for the addiction! You have joined the best folks and the most fun goin.
  19. I'd love to see the actual carbon footprint of an electric car. All the plastic is still petroleum, they can't get rid of the batteries, the mining for lithium is horrendous, but they are doing their part. Their part for what!!? I didn't bother to check the statistic, but heard recently that all the airlines in the world use 21 million gallons of fuel a year and lithium mining uses 31 million. So as you can see, electric save bunches of fossil fuel!
  20. I wish there was an easy answer to marketing. I'm surprised at the number of folks I mention CAS to and they have never heard of it. Whether it be at the hospital or bumping into old friends. When I tell someone I won't be around due to a match, the conversation starts. How many check it out or start shooting, I can't say. I have recruited a few however. Back when I joined, it was because someone else left "Cowboy Chronicles" laying around in the office. Now that's a non starter! As Scarlett said, gun shows help, but hasn't been real effective for us and of course due to COVID we haven't them either.
  21. But as we know, cars are the cause of all the carbon.
  22. Yeh, It was a sad day putting things away for the last time. We are actively looking for a new location and have one iron in the fire so far. Still more work to be done! Moving all our stuff should be a treat! But, I have confidence we will get it done. Caledonia was a nice venue for what we do. EH
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