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    SASS,CAS,Harley Davidsons,Golf,Wine Collecting,Flying(Pvt Pilot since 1978), Fly Fishing, Sailing, Diving,Trap Shooting,
    Skeet , Clays,Hiking the Sierra Nevada, Skiing (snow),
    Colts ( Colt Custom Shop Dealer, specialize in custom Colts and Antiques),Winchesters, modern and antique,collecting and riding vintage Indian motorcycles

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  1. Can't adopt you...You eat too much!

    1. WymoreWrangler SASS 46187

      WymoreWrangler SASS 46187

      But I'm on a diet!!!!  LMAO!!!!

  2. Howdy

    Please let me know when you ship my 1000 rds of Federal .223 FMJ

    A tracking number would be useful as well

    Please contact me at rsmhd_1@charter.net or call 775 815 5416


    Scott meyer

    Sixgun Shorty

  3. Shorty,

    I will get some detailed photos for you to see. Currently I am out of the USA. I return june 21. I bought the gun used -- so I do not have box or literature. The gun currently is wearing colt coco bolo grips with colt emblem. It was sold to me with the pearl grips on it. There are several flaws in the finish that were there when I got the gun. I'll want you to see them and tel...

  4. I am not sure where I am, or why I am here, and included in this post. SS, help me out.

  5. I'd be glad to help you

    Please contact me during business hours 9-5 M-RF PST..775 588 5416


  6. Hello-My name is Greg Kirkham alias Kirk James. Johnny Meadows referred me to you. My son Cody is being coached by Johnny and I am trying to get outfitted. I have an unfired colt SAA with a 44-40 and 44 special cylinder from colt. It has all paperwork in a tattered box. It is serial no. SA 33170. Also have a Smith Schofiel also unfired. Could you help with values. Thanks Greg

  7. You will not find a better friend or more honorable man than Ricochet Roy! he is Tops in my book!

  8. I bought my brace of Colt SAA's and my Chiappa 87 from Sixgun. A real Pard to ride the river, and proud to call him friend.

  9. Sixgun Shorty is on the square. In my experience, an honorable man.

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