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    SASS,CAS,Harley Davidsons,Golf,Wine Collecting,Flying(Pvt Pilot since 1978), Fly Fishing, Sailing, Diving,Trap Shooting,
    Skeet , Clays,Hiking the Sierra Nevada, Skiing (snow),
    Colts ( Colt Custom Shop Dealer, specialize in custom Colts and Antiques),Winchesters, modern and antique,collecting and riding vintage Indian motorcycles

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  1. My most sincere condolences Coyote Cap was a gentleman and an inspiration to many of us old timers of SASS/CAS
  2. I told you guys 15 years ago that the Colt Custom Shop Colts were a bargain ....and they were...until the CZ Sale Afterall, CZ has to make their money back for purchasing Colt! And they definitely are responding to customer demand...We have been asking Colt for years to bring back their wheel guns, particularly the Snakes: Pythons, Anacondas, Cobras, King Cobras,Diamondbacks, etc... And now that CZ bought Colt, they have brought them All Back and they are excellent guns made extremely well...In some cases, better than Colt I know nothing however about the state of production of the SAA since CZ bought them. All of My old contacts at Colt, Including Colt's President, are of course All gone.....
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