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  1. Hey Sixgun Shorty, it’s good to see you back on the wire, I always enjoyed your posts in the past, In fact I called you a few years ago and discussed a couple of second generation colts that I had inherited from my uncle and a recommended gunsmith from you, (alas I have not got them done yet but I did get the hammer notches fixed), anyways glad to see you back

  2. Thanks Jim Very kind of you indeed after 16 orthopedic and neurosurgeries , mostly back , neck , and 2 artificial shoulders, in 2014 when my wife passed away, I gave up my Class III FFL and retired not only from business but from SASS competition ... Reluctantly, but no choice. To say I miss it would be an understatement! Surprisingly I still get a lot of calls from SASS Pards regarding Colts which I am only to happy to discuss . As you know , Colt has radically changed now that CZ purchased them I can tell you with authority that ANY generation of Colt SAA and 1911’s are an ever appreciating investment Colts are already making nice profits and will continue to do so They will never be made again as an American treasure by Colt sure, CZ will be making Colts; but to purists like me that have spent the better part of my life as a Colt Dealer Custom Shop Dealer and Colt collector, RIP Colt ! Hang on to those genuine Colts! They are truly American Icons!
  3. Not a thing..Except reconnecting with old SASS Pards from the earlier days of SASS and catching up after a much too long hiatus...A few of us have had med issues that 'forced' them to retire' from competitive shooting , Like Me, and missing the old days of SASS and bringing old friends up to speed on what 's been going on and what in my case, one of the things I've done to make up for not being able to cowboy any longer... I agree with you, out of place perhaps on the SASS Wire, but like i said it's mainly about reconnecting with what was a huge part of my life for 12 years and a lot of very old pards that i miss from my SASS days. SASS was a major part of my life for a long time My apologies if I was out of line
  4. The 302 does not like EFI...Chevy told me Not to even try to adapt fuel injection to it...I'm sure you could possibly get it to work, buj it was built for the Big Holley 760 Holley built a one off 4BBL 760cfm carb just for the 302 I live at 7000' in the Sierras..constantly go from 7000' to 4000' in Carson Valley..EFI made a lot more sense than rejetting the carb constantly. Plus I wanted a Custom Z28 that drove better than the original and had EFI due to altitude I did have fun with the original 302, but the ZZ6 350 i replaced it with is much more drivable
  5. Ethan I have a bunch of original parts, gauges, steering wheels, mostly small original accessories, emblems, 302, Camaro,lights, etc etc ,Chevrolet, Hurst shifter and 4 speed Hurst Knob, lots more I sold the original 302 with Holley 760cfm 4 barrel, Hooker headers, and Muncie M21 4 speed If i have anything you may need, they are yours for FREE! I dropped a new Chevy ZZ6 350 ci 420 HP with Edelbrock EFI and Tremec 6 speed in my Resto, Mod....Stainless Works long headers and dual exhaust, Billet specialties wheels and steering wheel..all exterior trim is powder coated black including wheels, Hurst shifter, serpentine pulley system,,,,I basically started with bare frame and sub frame and built it up with all modern components..Drives Great Still using original 12 bolt rear with 373 gears and Positraction
  6. Howdy Ethan Actually, I gave my Viper to my Daughter on her 42nd birthday I had an original 1969 Camaro Z28 that I had never gotten around to restoring, so spent nearly 2 years doing a frame off resto mod..all state of the art modern parts except the original body and a few other key parts.... I bought it as a numbers matching original 302 Z28, but decided to resto it into a show car after driving it stock for several years...Finally finished it and have been making the car show circuit for a few years prior to Covid In the summer, it's my daily driver..Not much good in Lake Tahoe in winters! It's entered in Hot August Nights in Reno this August. I'd love to keep competing and cowboying, but age and surgeries finally caught up with me..I sure do miss it, particularly all the good pards i made in my 12 years of SASS. Just the finest years of my Life! Those were great times! And great Memories!
  7. Hey Big Jake Nice collection of Colts! Wish i could help you with parts, but the one part i no longer have are generational loading gates If you find one, make sure it has a part number stamped on it( will not be the serial #!)....Not all do, but your 1st gens should all have a parts # on the gate I retired and gave up my FFL Class 3 License 6 years ago when my wife passed away. I still have a lot of parts and a lot of Colt SAA's and 1911's...probably ought to start selling them as i don't shoot very much anymore One thing I've found about being a Colt Collector is that they are really hard to part with! But i also don't want to see them wind up in a garage sale! I have about 15 Colt SAA's, including a few real rarities and about 18 Colt 1911's of all gens also going back to 1917....But I have NO 1911A1's at all...I never liked the arched mainspring housing... Thanks Jake,,,Nice to 'hear' from you!
  8. Wow! Didn't know anyone remembered me! Many Thanks to al!
  9. Wow! great stuff and great memories! SASS was a everything to Me for many years, ,till age and body wore out! Great post! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! I haven't even looked at the Wire in years, so this was big fun...My old Pard Yakima Kid contacted me and am really enjoying the wire! To all My Old Pards That still remember Me, Hope you are all well and doing great! I miss every one of you! Best years of my Life! Keep on 'Keepin' On! Yer Pard, Sixgun Shorty #35717
  10. Can't adopt you...You eat too much!

    1. WymoreWrangler SASS 46187L

      WymoreWrangler SASS 46187L

      But I'm on a diet!!!!  LMAO!!!!

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