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  1. Thanks to all for the very kind albeit likely undeserved thanks and kudos Really nice to hear from so many of my old pards I wish I could still shoot SASS but afraid I’m just too beat up Krazy, looks like I may buy a condo in Atlanta for the winters .. thanks for the invite but just can’t shoot anymore due to my shoulders and rheumatoid arthritis I’ll always spend Spring and summer in Tahoe but need to spend winters in Atlanta ti spend more time with my family avd cause it’s just too hard living here in the Sierras in the winter ! ol Nimber 4: please contact me about my 67 Bonnie if interested ... it’s perfect and 100% original I bought it at a Bonhams auction in Vegas Best 67 in the US ... mint original Doc Manos.. il call you this weekend Special thanks to Allie Mo fir reconnecting me to the Wire Once again, my sincere thanks for all the kindness I’ll always cherish my years in SASS and the extraordinary friends I was fortunate to make Thank you all ! Suxgun
  2. Hey Mike….Thanks for remembering...It was and still is tough remembering that period! I am in Atlanta frequently..maybe we can get together sometime..I also have friends I visit in Talapoosa and Macon
  3. Hello The Wire Sixgun Shorty here I appreciate all the kind words from all my old SASS Pards! Very nice of you! Since my wife died over 5 years ago, I closed my gun business and surrendered my FFL Licenses. Still living in Lake Tahoe but often visit Atlanta (where I am from) to see my daughter, granddaughter and my youngest brother who has cancer Also to get the hell out of Tahoe in the winter, the last few years of which have been just awful! I spent all winter last year just moving snow around and freezing! I've had both shoulders replaced, 8 shoulder surgeries, 4 back surgeries, 2 neck surgeries, and a hernia , but unbelievably except for a lot of pain which I am used to (NO painkillers of any kind!), My general health is excellent. I still shoot pistols at the range, but can't shoot long guns any heavier caliber than .22's and .223....My shoulders can't take it. I Had to give up pheasant hunting entirely which was my passion, hunting wise. Still have all my old cowboy gear and guns, and a lot of Colt 1911's and SAA's which I still collect though at 72 I don't know why! I'm unfortunately, not current on Colt's status now, although an old friend of mine is now President of Colt I have only fond memories of my many years shooting SASS and all the incredible friends I made in SASS...Yes, even you Snakebite ! hahahahaha..I really miss the fun we had at the shoots..Shot a lot of matches with old Snakebite! And most all of you as well. Great times indeed and great memories! Ol #4, JD, All of you were such good friends and had so much fun with you all at the matches! Widder was right, I do take a peek at the Wire occasionally, and Alie Mo e mailed me about this thread which is extremely flattering, touching and probably undeserved! I would still be happy to help anyone in SASS with any Colt questions, though as stated, I am not up to current policies regarding Colt these days. I will probably begin selling my Colt collection soon...A bunch of Series 70 and older 1911's and huge assortment of Colt SAA's including some real rarities of all 3 generations Just can't seem to part with them yet! Also going to be selling my antique motorcycle collection, including my 1948 Indian Chief, 67 Triumph Bonneville, Harleys, (all museum quality and original), and my 1969 Camaro Z 28 302 that I have been showing in numerous car shows to stay busy since I can't shoot competitively any longer..Never was THAT competitive anyway! hahahhaha..But not a bad RO! I gave my original 1993 Dodge Viper to my daughter for her 40th birthday But I do want to thank all my old SASS Pards and thank you particularly for remembering me...I just got back from a trip to visit my family in Atlanta Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any Colt questions or if I can help you in any way..I'm afraid I don't remember every detail of the old Colts like I used to, but I'm not brain dead ….Yet! Just older! Thank you so much for All my Old Pards kindness and for remembering Me ..Nothing is more valuable to me than that! God Bless All and Thank you so much!
  4. Can't adopt you...You eat too much!

    1. WymoreWrangler SASS 46187

      WymoreWrangler SASS 46187

      But I'm on a diet!!!!  LMAO!!!!

  5. Howdy

    Please let me know when you ship my 1000 rds of Federal .223 FMJ

    A tracking number would be useful as well

    Please contact me at rsmhd_1@charter.net or call 775 815 5416


    Scott meyer

    Sixgun Shorty

  6. Shorty,

    I will get some detailed photos for you to see. Currently I am out of the USA. I return june 21. I bought the gun used -- so I do not have box or literature. The gun currently is wearing colt coco bolo grips with colt emblem. It was sold to me with the pearl grips on it. There are several flaws in the finish that were there when I got the gun. I'll want you to see them and tel...

  7. I am not sure where I am, or why I am here, and included in this post. SS, help me out.

  8. I'd be glad to help you

    Please contact me during business hours 9-5 M-RF PST..775 588 5416


  9. Hello-My name is Greg Kirkham alias Kirk James. Johnny Meadows referred me to you. My son Cody is being coached by Johnny and I am trying to get outfitted. I have an unfired colt SAA with a 44-40 and 44 special cylinder from colt. It has all paperwork in a tattered box. It is serial no. SA 33170. Also have a Smith Schofiel also unfired. Could you help with values. Thanks Greg

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