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  1. I have had Boogie’s mainspring in both of my 1873s for the last 3 years or so. It is smooth and totally reliable with Federal primers. I switched to it after a bad experiences with a tuned, flat mainspring. I had a brand new rifle worked on by a well known Cowboy gunsmith and after roughly 300 rounds, it failed, leaving 9 rounds in the rifle. Bad luck that this happened at Winter Range. Even after tightening the mainspring as far as you could turn the screw, it did not function reliably. That is why I switched to Boogie’ s mainspring and never looked back.
  2. Hi Marshall Fire, Shotgun Boogie also does a great job on setting up an SKB for Cowboy Action shooting. Typically he will shorten the barrel to your desired length, add a bead, hone/funnel the chambers, install mechanical triggers, and adjust the lever (including a quick and smooth release). It is worth having an a SKB expert work on your shotgun. Doesn’t matter if you are fast or slow shooter. A shotgun that has been worked on by the experts mentioned in these posts will be a pleasure to use and will help to reduce your stage times by making it easier to open, load, and shuck. As a result, transitions can also be smoother/faster. Just my 2 cents. Best Regards, Photo Shooter
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