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  1. Hi Beartrap, Austin told me that his club bought new SG targets from Action Targets out of Utah. Listed below is a link to SG knockdown targets. https://shop.actiontarget.com/prodcat/steel-reactive.asp?source=atmain-st-page-lower
  2. Who did the work on your SKB 100? That might be a factor in your pricing.
  3. Doc Shapiro, Just curious but what is the technique for pulling 4 for the SXS? Thanks! Photo
  4. Chicken George, I had a similar problem with one of my Rugers and Boogie fixed the cylinder by "recutting" (my terminology) each notch. So, please see Boogie at EOT and he will likely be able to fix your problem. Put a couple hundred rounds through that pistol and had no further issues.
  5. Hi Von Dutch, if you have any left over corn cob media pls keep me in mind. Regardless, see you at Cajon on Saturday.
  6. Here is a link to discounted Hazmat fees from BP. https://www.ballisticproducts.com/ship_specials.asp
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