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  1. Hi Marshall Fire, Shotgun Boogie also does a great job on setting up an SKB for Cowboy Action shooting. Typically he will shorten the barrel to your desired length, add a bead, hone/funnel the chambers, install mechanical triggers, and adjust the lever (including a quick and smooth release). It is worth having an a SKB expert work on your shotgun. Doesn’t matter if you are fast or slow shooter. A shotgun that has been worked on by the experts mentioned in these posts will be a pleasure to use and will help to reduce your stage times by making it easier to open, load, and shuck. As a result, transitions can also be smoother/faster. Just my 2 cents. Best Regards, Photo Shooter
  2. Hi Kirk, Depending upon target positions from the two shooting positions I might shoot an 8, 14, and 20 yard targets in a continuous Nevada sweep with the rifle and shoot the two 4 yard targets and other 8 yard target with another continuous Nevada sweep with the pistols. You have to put one more pistol round on the 8 yard target with a pistol than your approach. However, it might be simpler to think of shooting the stage with continuous Nevada sweeps instead of alternating rifle and pistols for a different number of rounds on different targets. I think your solution is likely to be faster but a little more complicated. Regards, Photo Shooter
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