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  1. Hi TK, I have a straight stock that would come with a leather stock cover if you would like to trade. Thanks Photo Shooter
  2. Hi Rattler, i will take the other 5 bottles of Clays. I will be at WR on Wednesday. Would it be possible to meet at the main tent at somewhere between 10-10:30am? thanks! Photo Shooter 562 857-1075
  3. Lead Ringer has two videos on YouTube that are very helpful in learning how to use a sxs.
  4. Since it has not been mentioned, you may want to look at Decot https://www.decot.com/. They make prescription shooting glasses in a variety of different colors, with or without bi-focals and if you buy the Classic Hy-Wyd frames, you can replace lenses in these frames eg if you want yellow for low light and brown for bright light it is easy to switch out the different lenses. They also come with side shields.
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