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  1. I have an original Model 8(35Rem) and an 81(300 Savage)....Very cool rifles Reciprocating barrels, shrouded, reliable and accurate. Kalashnikov used the exact safety from the Model 8 when he designed the AK 47
  2. Hey Big Jake Nice collection of Colts! Wish i could help you with parts, but the one part i no longer have are generational loading gates If you find one, make sure it has a part number stamped on it( will not be the serial #!)....Not all do, but your 1st gens should all have a parts # on the gate I retired and gave up my FFL Class 3 License 6 years ago when my wife passed away. I still have a lot of parts and a lot of Colt SAA's and 1911's...probably ought to start selling them as i don't shoot very much anymore One thing I've found about being a Colt Collecto
  3. Wow! Didn't know anyone remembered me! Many Thanks to al!
  4. Thanks Tex and Lumpy! Nice to be back! Doing great..Just A Little beat up and a Lot Older!
  5. Replace the barrel! Absolutely! I shot a pair of real S&W Schofields for many years as some of you might remember and when i could still remember things,i did know a bit about Schofields...I say replace the Barreland don't look back!
  6. Wow! great stuff and great memories! SASS was a everything to Me for many years, ,till age and body wore out! Great post! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! I haven't even looked at the Wire in years, so this was big fun...My old Pard Yakima Kid contacted me and am really enjoying the wire! To all My Old Pards That still remember Me, Hope you are all well and doing great! I miss every one of you! Best years of my Life! Keep on 'Keepin' On! Yer Pard, Sixgun Shorty #35717
  7. Can't adopt you...You eat too much!

    1. WymoreWrangler SASS 46187L

      WymoreWrangler SASS 46187L

      But I'm on a diet!!!!  LMAO!!!!

  8. Howdy

    Please let me know when you ship my 1000 rds of Federal .223 FMJ

    A tracking number would be useful as well

    Please contact me at rsmhd_1@charter.net or call 775 815 5416


    Scott meyer

    Sixgun Shorty

  9. I'd be glad to help you

    Please contact me during business hours 9-5 M-RF PST..775 588 5416


  10. You will not find a better friend or more honorable man than Ricochet Roy! he is Tops in my book!

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